Christmas in the Kitchen

Christmas in the kitchen

Today on Decorate With Us, my friends Corine , Terrie and I are sharing how we decorate our Kitchen countertops. I love putting Christmas in the kitchen. Don’t you?

If my kitchen is all decorated I’m ready to bake, listen to Christmas music and drink Hot Cocoa!

Santa and Roundtop charm vignette

The Round Top Collection

Just to the left of the stove I keep my Round Top Charm Display.

As you can see, I have a beautiful Christmas Tree Charm on mine.

I love the Round top collection, mainly because it’s cute and has a ton of choices.

Next to my charm display is a marble trivet with a Santa tea light holder and a pair of ornament salt and pepper shakers.

I’ve had all three for quite a few years.

Decorating around the stove

The Stove

Above my stove is a cute Merry Christmas sign that was a PoKeeno win.

On the vent hood is a medium sized wreath that hangs here year round.

However, all I needed to do was add a ribbon and it’s ready for the holidays.

kitchen utensils


To the right of the stove is my work station.

I keep my oils, salt and pepper and utensils housed here.

Since I use it every day, multiple times, I don’t do a lot of decorating unless it can be useful.

So I added some ribbon to the utensil holders, a few holiday utensils and a set of Santa salt and pepper shakers.

Christmas Island decor

The Island

Again, since my kitchen isn’t large, I use my island almost daily to prep cooking on.

So I wanted Christmas decor that could easily be moved.

This lazy susan has been a staple here at the Castle for many years, but a quick coat of white spray paint and it was brought back to life!

A few decorative glass jars, some fake snow and some bottle brush trees and the island is decorated for Christmas.

Santa and plant

The South Side

As you enter the kitchen to the right is an L shaped countertop.

So I’ve made 3 small vignettes, a couple just for fun and one useful one.

The first is  just for fun and unfortunately not complete.

This cute Santa cookie jar is places on top  of a cute kitchen towel.

The unfinished part?

The plant and tray are normally housed on the island.


I planned on putting a Poinsettia plant here, however after looking at all the usual places, there were no Poinsettias to be had.

What can I say?

It is Texas and it’s still a little warm for them.

Christmas two tiered tray

Two Tiered Tray

In the corner of the L is my two tiered tray.

This is always fun for me as I can get as elaborate and whimsical as I want when decorating it.

kitchen holiday canisters


Since I use my canisters a lot, I don’t want a lot of decor on them or around them.

However, I DO want them to look festive.

My solution?

Red and white kitchen twine tied around the tops!

In the middle I simply clipped a floral pick to the top.

Easily removed for cleaning.

I love all of this because it costs very little and adds a big decorative punch!

Christmas decor by the sink

Christmas Wall

Next to the canisters is my sink.

This wall is what you see on the other side of the sink.

This is another area to have a lot of fun decorating.

Another Santa on a cake stand with hand soap.

My shelf holds white dishes and fun colorful Christmas decor.

See the Christmas print above the shelf?

It’s another free printable!

Christmas in the Kitchen

That is my complete tour of Christmas in the kitchen.

I hope that you enjoyed it!

Don’t forget to join me in heading over to Terrie’s and Corine’s to see their kitchen decorations.

And be sure to go to my Facebook page to see the video of my Christmas Kitchen Decor!

Corin's Christmas Kitchen

                                                   Corine @ Junk To Gems

Terrie's Christmas Countertops

                                      Terrie @ Decorate And More With Tip

Until next time…

Christmas in the kitchen

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  1. I love every thing you placed on your countertops and in the kitchen. Everything looks so festive and beautiful placed. So bright and cheery perfect for the season. I love the frame where you change as the season changes. I will have to check out the free printable site you mentioned. Thanks Tammy.

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