Hot Cocoa Bar

Hot Cocoa bar

I love a good hot cocoa bar! And I’m not even that big of fan of chocolate. Don’t come at me, I know it’s not the norm! However, there is something about a cocoa bar with all of the colors, smells and flavors that just makes my heart melt! Utter contentment.

Terrie from Decorate and More With Tip and I are sharing how we decorate our walls that are in our kitchen/ breakfast area.

I chose to do a  hot cocoa bar  – which is normally my husbands coffee bar.

That’s okay, we both will share!

decorating supplies

Cute Containers

You always see these beautiful cocoa bars on Pinterest.

Tons of cute containers, pretty decorations and all the things.

However, my budget didn’t include all the things.

So I was determined to make my bar cute with just what I had on hand.

I found this sweet paper with mugs of cocoa on it, some Christmas Washi tape and different sizes of Mason jars.

All were a recipe for cute containers!

I’ll be sharing how to make them in detail soon!

Winter Wonderland Chalkboard sign

Winter Chalkboard

Before I set my cocoa bar up, I made my Winter Wonderland chalkboard sign.

I still love a good chalkboard design!

If you do too, then make this first so that the chalk doesn’t get all over the bar top.

Tiered tray with cocoa toppings

Designing the Bar

Since my buffet is rather narrow I needed something that would  store my jars vertically.

This two tiered rectangular tray fit the bill.

My cute jars were filled with all the toppings for hot cocoa.

Marshmallows, chocolate chips, white chocolate chips, candy canes, and sprinkles.

And the cute jars fit perfectly on my tray!

Basket of Christmas candy

Christmas Candy

In front of my tiered tray I placed a small basket filled with Christmas lollipops.

Just place a piece of styrofoam into the basket, cover with pretty krinkle paper and stick your lollipops in!

I also added a few napkins  because  hello….#messyhere.Jar of cocoa and bottle of caramel

Hot Cocoa

Next to the tiered tray is a large container of hot cocoa.

It’s a recipe handed down from my MIL and my family really loves it.

Next to the cocoa is a container of caramel sauce. Yummo!

cocoa bar tray

Cocoa Tray

In the middle of the buffet is a small tray that is perfect to keep smaller jars, mugs and silverware corralled.

It  has a shaker of cinnamon.

A jar of Piroulines and a jar full of spoons.

I left an empty spot in the back for a can of whipped cream!

In front of the tray are a few hot cocoa bombs that I know the littles will love!

Hot Cocoa sign

Hot Cocoa Sign

And last, but certainly not least, is this cute hot cocoa sign.

My plan was to paint one, however I was cruising through the Walmart dollar spot and found this one.

It was to cute not to bring home!

Hot Cocoa bar

My hot cocoa bar is ready for customers.

Or family.

So let the hot cocoa making begin!

Be sure and head on over to Terrie’s and see how she decorated her wall!

Until next time…

Hot Cocoa Bar

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