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Christmas in the Living Room

Christmas in the Living Room 27I’ve been sharing my Christmas home tour with you. I’ve already shared my kitchen with you and if you missed it you can see it here. Today it’s Christmas in the Living Room!

Christmas in the Living room 10

My tree is very traditional with lots of reds and greens.  It is NOT a pretty, perfect tree by any means. Every year I have let my boys choose an ornament that reflects what they have been doing that year. We have Nightmare before Christmas, Christmas Vacation, Ninja Turtles, Batman, Spiderman, puppies, and lot’s of Queenly ornaments just to name a few. I don’t even have a regular skirt under my tree. It is a big piece of mongolian lambs wool material, but I love the white furriness of it!

Christmas in the Living room 26

Have you seen these? We have bought these glasses off and on for years at Lowe’s. They cost $1.99 and are awesome cool! You put them on and look at the Christmas lights….

Christmas in the living room 25

And this is what you see!  The lights turn into reindeer, snowmen, stars, candy canes and gingerbread men depending upon the glasses you are wearing. When the boy were small they LOVED them. I saw them for the first time in years and couldn’t resist buying a few!

Christmas in the Living room 24

I told you I love and collect snow globes – here’s the proof!  This is just a few in my Christmas collection. Every year I put them out on the coffee table. This year I used a new mirror to pair with them. Although every year is different.  Sometimes I add beads, greenery, glass balls… being able to look at them and play the ones that have the music boxes just makes this Queen happy!

christmas in the living room 8

Here’s our mantel.  Again, not the perfect pretty ones you see in magazines, but it makes me want to curl up in this chair, light a fire, grab a beverage and read a good book!

Christmas in the living room 1The garland on the banister is lit and heavy with glittery ornaments and ribbon.The bell you see here was my Queen Granny’s. She hung it in the arch of her dining room doorway. Every year my Grandpa would hold me up and let me pull the string – just once – on the bottom so that we could all hear it play jingle bells.

Christmas in the Living room

My stairs are so tall it is almost impossible to get it all in one shot! Here’s a close up of the garland.

Christmas in the living room 11I always try to have something fun for the “littles” – my nieces and nephews -to play with.  This year we have stuffed reindeer, a dog and a pop up Tigger!

Christmas in the living room 6

I love these girly snowgirls. My one nod to girly since I live in manland! I want to go shopping with them!

Christmas in the Living room 5

And last, but not least, is the powder room. A small, colorful white tree just screams fun!

Christmas in the Living room 2

Again I like to add a little whimsy… This owl from Pier One fits the bill!

Christmas in the Living room 3

And this tiny sign should be the motto here at the castle!  It can get pretty crazy.

I hope that you are enjoying Christmas in you home as much as I am in mine.

Until next time….


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