Christmas Wrapping Station

bags, wrapping paper

With Thanksgiving coming up most of us are in full Christmas mode. Family get togethers, shopping, parties, baking… you know, all the things. With with so much going on it’s easy to feel like you are overwhelmed. I know I do. So I need a good bit of organization to keep me from going to crazy town! One of the biggest things that keeps me sane is having a Christmas Wrapping Station.

Rolling cart


This rolling cart from Michaels turned out to be the perfect solution.

I can’t tell you how much I love this work horse.

Simple roll it out of a closet or an out of the way spot when you are ready to use it.

Done? Roll it back!

During the holidays it becomes all things Christmas, but during the rest of the year it’s an everyday wrapping station.

You can get one here .


Wrapping accessories

On the very top of the cart I have small bins that hold all of the small things.

One holds curly ribbon, string and a stapler.

Another houses all of my tags and special accessories that I like to add to make my gifts look a little extra.

I also place bags of raffia and confetti here.

Christmas ribbon

Attached to the side of the top and middle shelves are removable ribbon rods.

They hold a ton of small to average sized spools of ribbon.

I love the easy access.


To keep the ribbon from unrolling, I simply put a sewing pin in the ribbon spool.

small bags

The middle shelf holds all of my medium and small gift bags.

On the very bottom shelf I like to keep rolls of ribbon that are too large for the ribbon holders.

Also, behind the ribbon, I store packing paper and any extra miscellaneous larger items.

bags, wrapping paper

If you spin the cart around to the back side, you will find a spot for wrapping paper.

It’s perfect for all sizes and the vertical storage is perfect for both large and small rolls.

Attached to the side of the roll holder are two hooks that make it super easy to store larger bags.

These hooks make bag organization a breeze!

wrapping paper


Over the years I’ve tried several things to keep my wrapping paper closed.

Special binders, wraps, tape, but I always come back to what is easiest and economical.

A rubber band!

tape, scissors

One side of the cart has 4 sets of hooks and one bin.

I keep my scissors, tape, hole punch, paper cutter and all larger embellishments here.

tissue paper

If I had one complaint about the cart it would be that it isn’t wide enough to lay my tissue paper out flat in one of the shelves.

However, I fixed that!

I added a suction cup hook and a binder clip to the other side of the cart.

My tissue paper hangs and doesn’t get wrinkled!

It’s not often that I find something that works so well for me, but this cart certainly does.

I love that my Christmas Wrapping Station helps me keep the mess and the stress at bay!

Now let’s get the Holidays started!

Until next time….

Christmas Wrapping Station

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  1. What a great idea using a cart. I haven’t placed my Christmas wrapping paper and ribbon out yet. I need to do that, thanks for reminding me. I love the colors you are using. I wouldn’t mind having the cart, you could use this all year around with different things. Thanks for sharing.

    1. In our old house I had a wrapping station, rolls of paper on the wall, all the stuff in an old dresser. I DO miss that, but since we just don’t have the room for that, this cart has become a great alternative!

  2. Love this. Calling Michaels. Will use for all crafting supplies. Living in a seniors apt doesn’t leave much room for all my “stuff”!

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