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Christmas Hutch

Hello! Today I’ve got a little something different to share with you. It’s a two-for! Not only are you getting a blog post about How To Decorate a Christmas Hutch, but I’m also sharing a video on how to do it also! You can see the video here.

In fact, you might even say that it’s a two-for x2 as my good friend Terrie at Decorate And More With Tip is doing the same thing!

So once you get done visiting my blog post and video, you can go to her site and check out her Christmas Hutch too!

white hutch

Decorating my hutch is one of the first things to do whenever I decorate for any holiday.

It’s also my favorite thing to do!

So many options.

The first thing that I always do is clear the hutch of all previous decor and give it a good cleaning.

I like to think of my hutch in zones.

Zone 1 is the top of the hutch and everything above it.

Next, zone 2 is the first shelf.

Zone 3 is the middle section.

And zone 4 is the top of the cabinet.

By breaking it up in zones, it’s easier for me to decorate.

Christmas sign, white hutch

Zone 1

I like to start at the top and work my way to the bottom.

I love hanging artwork above the hutch.

This year I painted a  Merry Christmas sign to fill in the empty space above the hutch.

White hutch Christmas decor

Once that was done, I added a large white house to the center of the hutch and surrounded it with two smaller white houses and silver bottle brush trees.

A few red ornaments and a felted garland and the top of my hutch is finished.

TIP: Always work in odd numbers.

Decorating with odd numbers is more effective in capturing the eye. It forces your eyes to move around, thus it creates more visual interest.

Christmas plates, white hutch

Zone 2

Zone 2 has built in grooves for a plate display, so I always have dishes here.

I purchased these dishes several years ago from Better Homes and Gardens.

They don’t have the exact dishes anymore, however I found a set that’s really close.

You can see those here.

Christmas Decor

I placed another medium white house in front of the middle set of dishes.

Adding in more silver bottle brush trees, as well as a few felted greenery picks that match the garland.

Tip:  Repeat items.

Again, decorating with repetition creates visual interest and detail without overloading your sense.

Christmas decor, white hutch

Remember the red Christmas ornaments on the top?

I’m adding some large, sparkly red ornaments to the bowls for a little texture and color.

And it doesn’t hurt that it adds a little bling either!

This girl loves a little EXTRA!

On each zone I like to add the same items, but colors also.

We are finished with Zone 2!

Red glassware, dishes

Zone 3

Zone 3 is a little cut up with the center display section flanked by two small enclosed areas with doors.

Again, the center section has built in grooves for displaying dishes just like in Zone 2.

Except the space is much smaller.

I used the salad plates from my Christmas dishes to cover the back wall.

In front of each plate I placed a beautiful red glass.

With this space being short and not all that large, I like to keep it pretty simple.

Christmas bowls

In each of the end cubbies, I placed a stack of my Christmas bowls.

I could put an ornament in each of these, but chose to leave it as is.

We actually use these dishes on the hutch daily during the holiday season.

Super easy to grab them, set the table and then when I’m done cleaning them, it’s just as easy to  put them back.

Hence, I chose to leave these empty.

Now, Zone 3 is complete!

Zone 4

Zone 4 may be my favorite spot to decorate.

It’s usually where I put my biggest focal point and it’s the workhorse of all of the zones.

I put the most used dishes here, as well as fun decor.

green truck , greenery

I started in the center with a slab of wood.

Layered more felted greenery picks on top of the wood, followed by an antique truck.

I found the truck at our local Antique Mall years ago and it’s still one of my favorites.

I keep cloth napkins folded up in the bed of the truck for daily use.

Functional, yet pretty!

stack of Christmas dishes

To the left of the truck I place the dishes that we use daily.

On top of the dishes I placed the sweetest little red bird salt and pepper shakers that came with the dishes.

TIP: Place often used items where they are easily accessible.

Christmas wine glasses

To the right of my truck I’ve places more stemware.

I hand painted these glasses many years ago when I had a hand painted glassware business.

They are still some of my favorites and have held up really well.

In front of the glasses I placed a stack another stack of napkins.

The tiny Santa that sits on the napkins was one of the decorations we bought!

Every year I find a fun place for him to hang out!

Christmas Hutch


Zone 4 is complete.

I hope that you enjoyed how to decorate a Christmas hutch!

If you would like to see the video, please go here.

Also, don’t for get to head on over to Terrie’s and see what she’s done to her hutch.

Trust me, she never disappoints!

Want to see the video?

You can see mine here.

And be sure to check out Terrie’s Video here.

Until next time….

Christmas Hutch


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  1. Tammy Thanks for sharing your Christmas hutch. It is so hard to find inspiration on hutch styling, pinning this to my Pinterest so I can share your style and give me ideas to the next time I style my hutch. Love the video of you decorating it as well!

  2. Tammy, your hutch is precious……as usual! I love the felted greenery and picks. I know you said you got them a few years ago…but where did you get them? I was wondering if they still carried them. Thank you so much for sharing how you decorate the hutch. You make it look so easy!

    1. Karen I bought the garland at Home Goods and the picks at WalMart. They are probably one of my favorite decorations for Christmas because they are so unusual.

    1. Thanks Cindy,I’d be happy to decorate with you anytime. However, I’ve seen your decor and I’ll have to go a long way to keep up with you!!!

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