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Cleaning out the Wrapping Closet

Have you ever read DIY articles about what to do with your “extra” closets? Yeah, me too. I used to laugh hysterically. Ain’t nobody that I know got an extra closet! Until I did. Empty nesting is good for something. So I made mine into a wrapping closet. My one guilty indulgence. Unfortunately, from time to time, mine blows up and its time to start  cleaning out the wrapping closet. In a big way!Cleaning out the wrapping closet

See what I mean? Being a small closet, thankfully it also makes me clean it up in a timely manner. There is no room to do otherwise. Also, Christmas is the perfect time to change things out and tidy up a little bit. Here’s how I do it!

Wrapping paper

The first step to cleaning out the wrapping closet, is to replace the year round paper and hang up the Christmas paper.

Cleaning out the wrapping closet

Once the paper has been hung, I trade out the ribbon.

No, I do not buy this much ribbon every year, much of it is from Christmas past.


The biggest clean out I do is my top drawer in the dresser.

It’s my work horse.

I store all the essentials like scissors, tape, tags, glue and decor in it.

Which is why is can get so messy!

Tags are sorted and placed by size in a clear plastic container.


I’m always on the look out for some fun things to decorate the presents with besides bows.


I love adding the unusual and unexpected!

sack organization

The bags and sacks are stored in the lid of the wrapping paper container that sits beside the dresser.

Most of the rolls are too tall for the lid to fit, so this is the perfect solution.


This old trunk once belonged to The Hubs grandfather.

It’s old and worn, but we hate to get rid of it.

The trunk is the perfect place for small boxes and tins.

wrapping tissue

Now here’s where my family would tell me that my crazy is hanging out for all to see.

Tissue paper.

I can’t help it, it drives me crazy.

First of all, they make it so small these days.

Plus, its all folded up together  and makes one huge mess when you try to get out one sheet of paper.

tissue paper

So, what’s a girl to do?

Well, this girl separates it by color and hangs it up in her closet.

I told you my crazy was showing!

Cleaning out the Wrapping closet

My closet is clean and organized which makes me feel really good.

Cleaning out the wrapping closet is so worth it if it helps keep  me organized!

OCD much? Probably!

Until next time….





  1. Well how fun is it to be able to say “Wrapping Closet”?! I want one. Right now we have an Elfa unit on the back of my decor closet and it’s basically too small and in the way. I want a wrapping closet!!!

    1. I have to say Cindy, that while this one is small I do love it! So convenient and I’m not dragging it all out of the attic (Christmas wrap) or trying to find a convenient place to store it year round!

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