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Christmas Crafts at the Castle

Here at the castle, the stockings are hung. The tree is up and the elves have finished sprinkling Christmas decor through out the castle. So, what’s a girl to do? Why break out the Christmas crafts at the castle, of course!

Christmas at the Castle

For the first time in many years, I have almost all of my Christmas stuff done! I’d love to pat myself on the back, however it’s mostly due to my car being in the shop off and on for the last month! Certainly not because this girl is rocking it! When you are forced to stay home it’s amazing how much you get done. Who knew?

cheeseboard and dome

It started when I  decided to reorganize a cabinet and pulled out this small cheese board with dome.

It’s really very small, the dome doesn’t fit right and, if push came to shove, I’m not even certain it’s food safe.

So I never used it.

However, it reminded me of a snow globe.

So, why not make it into one?

Or as I call it, a faux globe.

Christmas Crafts at the Castle

It was time for a quick trip to Michaels.

I found these adorable miniatures and faux snow.

Right now, most stores have their Christmas decor on sale for half price, which makes for the perfect time to do a few crafts.


I started by painting the board with a multi-surface paint.


Making sure to give it a couple of good coats to insure that it was well covered.


Once it was completely dry, It was time to decorate.

I love this little camper!


A sprinkling of snow and the “faux globe” interior was complete.

Christmas Crafts at the Castle

Just add the lid!

Christmas crafts at the castle

I love a simple and easy craft that doesn’t take a lot of time, but has a big pay off in the looks department.

This one did not disappoint!

What an easy and versatile project.

When you think about it, almost any container with a lid could be made into the sweetest faux globes.

And with a little help, this project would also be the perfect project for the littles at you house!







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