Cleaning The Guest Room

Guest room

Welcome to  day two of One Room At A Time – guest room! Today is what I like to call demo day – Or in other words –  I’ll be cleaning the guest room!

Before starting a project I like to clean from top to bottom before I start any type of decorating job.

And In all fairness I like to clean again when I’m done.

Decorating can be messy business!

This is what the room looked like when I started.

dusting walls

Step 1

Remove everything from the room except the large ticket items before cleaning.

Dust everything.

I like to dust the ceilings and the walls.

This takes so little time and is huge at keeping the dust at bay.


Step 2

Clean the chandelier.

covering carpet with a towel

I lay out a huge oversized towel on the ground before cleaning to protect the carpet.

Then, using the cleaner of your choice, spray down the chandelier and clean with a lint free towel.

vacuuming the bed

Step 3


A couple of times a year I like to vacuum the mattress in my guest room.

Once done with the beds, it’s time to vacuum the floor and any other surface like upholstered chairs etc.


Step 4

Since I  am moving some of my art around I am also taking the time to sparkle and paint all holes in the walls.

spackling wall

It is super easy to do and makes for a very finished look.

clean guest room

Cleaning the guest room is honestly a lot of work, but when I am done I realize that it is so worth it!

Beds are ready for new bedding.

Furniture is ready to be moved or painted.

Walls are ready for new art.

And the rest of the room is ready to shine!

Declutter ANd Paint

Don’t forget to head over to Terrie’s to see her guest room!

Until next time…


Cleaning The Guest room

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