Closet Mural

I’ve been busy painting a closet mural.

closet mural 11

Yes, you read that correctly. I’ve been painting a mural in a closet. Which is a first for me.

A client of mine bought her granddaughter a play kitchen. My client thought that it would be fun to put the kitchen in her butler’s pantry closet. The closet is a perfect choice because it is close to her kitchen and living area and offers an out of the way place for toys.

closet mural

The play kitchen is a super cute, hot red forties style kitchen.  We played off of that theme for the mural’s design. I painted a window complete with a geranium plant and a sweet kitten to give it an open airy feeling.

closet mural 2

On the other side of the room we added shelving to store all of the dishes and pot holders.  No kitchen would be complete without hand towels.

closet mural 6

I had just finished the two mural walls when the client asked if I couldn’t add murals of her two dogs, since we had a kitty in the mural? Sure! I painted Leila the basset hound.

closet mural 5

And Zoey the Maltese.  All that this closet needs is a homey rag rug to complete the room. My client and her granddaughter love it!

jd mural

I finished the closet mural, but I wasn’t done yet. Remember this jungle mural I did last year for this same client?  We only painted part of the room, as we were waiting on furniture to see where we wanted to paint.

closet mural 8

The super awesome curved sofa finally arrived. We painted foliage around the walls next to the sofa.

closet mural 10

A hummingbird with flowers was painted next to the windows.

closet mural 9

The opposite side of the room seemed a bit naked, so we added a small tree.

closet mural 14The client felt like the middle of the original mural was a little bare.  We added a parrot with some vines to complete the mural. Now this room is done!

closet mural 15

And if you thought that I was finished – you would be wrong! I started this room yesterday. Stay tuned for the room reveal at a later date.

I’m starting to feel like Eldon the painter on the TV show Murphy Brown. I thought that I would only be painting for a week. Before I know it, it will have eight years….

Oh well, at least it will be a fun eight years!


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