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Kitchen Pendants

I finally found kitchen pendants lights to go over my island!

drum chandy

My kitchen has a lot of windows. You would think that it would be light and airy. You would be wrong! For years we had a pot rack that hung over our kitchen island. It didn’t hold anything but dust, so I had the brilliant idea for the Hubs to put in pendant lighting.

My criteria was pretty simple. The pendant had to go with the kitchen chandelier that you see in the above photo and it had to give off good light. That’s it. You would think that it would be simple, right? Wrong.

Problem number one: the island is on the small side so the lights had to be a smaller scale.

Problem number two: it was hard to find pendants that were on the small side that matched the kitchen chandelier.

Problem number three: The Hubs had to like the pendant as much as I did.

I actually bought two different kitchen pendants and brought them home. The first were too big and The Hubs said – and I quote- “I can’t imagine that you would ever put those in your house.” Those went right back to the store.

The second I gave to my sister to go above her vanity. Cute, great price, but they didn’t meet any of the criteria. Not sure what I was thinking there.

kitchen pendants 5

That was over a year ago.  I put my never ending search on the back burner, only thinking about it when I needed more light in the kitchen.

Then recently Seester number 2 texted me a photo of a pendant that she found at Hob Lob. Could she put it in the new church kitchen?  My reply: ” No, but you can put it in mine!”

The pendant looked nothing like what I had been looking for. However, it matched all of my criteria. I couldn’t get to Hob Lob fast enough to see if they had two pendants for my kitchen.

kitchen pendants 4

I got lucky and found two. They were on sale for $16.00! They sat around for a month of so until The Hubs had a free day to install them.

kitchen pendants

The installation only took a little over an hour and it created a ton of dust. Here’s what it looks like once the dust settled and was cleaned up.

kitchen pendants 1

The kitchen pendants are the perfect size. They put off a ton of light! They also have some of the same crystals that the  kitchen chandelier has on it!

kitchen pendant 2

The pendants put off plenty of light, which when you get right down to it, that’s the most important thing.

kitchen pendants 6

I guess the never ending search for pendant lights has taught me to go with the flow. Switching light styles in the middle of the decorating game, in this case, just didn’t work. And honestly, while I would have loved a more modern country kitchen light pendant with clean lines, they just didn’t match my kitchen. These industrial/girly pendants match my kitchen style perfectly.



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    1. Thanks Stacey! You know I love a good deal, plus I am so excited to finally have good lighting over the main work area… it’s the little things…

  1. Tammy,
    Absolutely marvelous on you transformed these little darlings into such beauties and oh the price! Win! Win!
    Thank you for sharing these with us at TOHOT!

    1. Thanks Jemma – great compliment coming from you! Always love TOHOT. Hope you are having a great week!

    1. Christine, Thank you so much! I have to admit that I feel lucky to have found those and the price is unbelievable! Thanks for the kind comments!

    1. Jemma,
      Oh WOW! I am so flattered and excited! Thank you so much. I can’t wait to share with friends.

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