Command Central

fridge cabinet

Hey y’all! Today I want to share a couple of super easy projects that I promise will help you get organized for the new year! I like to call it Command Central.

Even before the holidays I started looking for some kind of chalkboard/magnetic board/ calendar system to put on the side of my fridge cabinet.

I just wanted something that looked cute but that would also let me keep track of things like my grocery list, reminders etc.

Also, if it had a place for me to put a few photos of my littles that would be a huge bonus.

I thought that it would be easy to find, but boy was I wrong.

What I found was either too big, too small, too expensive or didn’t function as I wanted it to.

So  I made my own!

navy metal sign

After looking through my stash of unused stuff, I found a red metal decor piece.

I painted it a pretty navy blue.

Once it had dried, I took it into the kitchen and held it up against the cabinet and was so disappointed.

It looked flat and drab.

white metal sign

PLan B!

I painted the metal sign white.

Two good coats and a little distressing with sandpaper and this is what my new sign looked like.

So much better!

painting a metal sign

To protect the paint, I put a satin top coat on the sign.

This metal sign was the perfect size and I would be able to post reminders and photos on it easily.

Chalkboard sign

While rummaging through my stash, I also came upon a piece of 12″ x 24″ chalkboard.

back to school board

I normally use these to make back to school chalkboards for the littles in my family.

And it was the perfect size!

However, it didn’t have a finished edge.


After very little searching I found this frame at Hob Lob.

It was the perfect size and color.

And to make it even more perfect it was 50% off!

frame, caulk, chalkboard sign

I simply dropped the chalkboard into the frame, then because it didn’t have any way to hold the chalkboard into the frame, I simply put a bead of silicone around edge fo the frame.

mugs, pencils, frame

I put some weight in the center to hold the chalkboard down until the silicone dried.

After leaving it overnight, I removed the mugs and my chalkboard was secured to the frame.

Once I added a picture frame hanger to the top of the board and it was ready to hang.

Command Central

Command central is complete!

I have to say that having a place to see all of my favorites every day sure makes my heart sing.

And the chalkboard grocery list?

Works so well for me!

No more having to walk into another room to write it down – or forgetting to write it down – or forgetting why I walked into the room….

I love it!

priming a chalkboard

One last tip.

Prime your chalkboard!

Before using any brand new chalkboard take a piece of chalk , lay it on it’s side and rub it all over the board!

Wipe the chalk off and your board is ready to be written on.

The priming helps you  keep from getting ghost images of what was written on the board.


Until next time….

Command Central


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  1. Very clever, Tammy. I used a small vintage ironing board as a menu board in my kitchen….I still do my list on a magnetic paper pad on the refrigerator!

    1. Oh I’ll be that ironing board is so cute! I love that idea. I would still be doing the magnetic paper pad too except magnets won’t stick to my new fridge. It’s a bummer!

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