Craft Closet Facelift

Y’all, I can’t believe that I’m actually sharing this – my craft closet facelift. It’s a deep dark secret that I don’t share with anyone other than my friends.

In my defense over the holidays I just shoved everything in this closet that I didn’t know what to do with. Add in cloth bins that were not functioning at all and you have the perfect storm for closet chaos!

Messy craft closet

Yes, I know….

Not my best moment for sure!

Remember those sad cloth bins I mentioned?

As you can see they didn’t hold up well.

It was a total mess that I was determined to tame and get rid of!

Craft closet organization supplies


I’ll be  honest, I put off organizing this closet mainly due to the fact that every organizational item I found for this area was cost prohibited for my budget.

Until I hit the Dollar Tree and found these…..

White bins – $3.00 each I bought 8.

Glas Jars – $1.25 each

Plastic Candy Jars ( my favorite!!!) I bought 4 and wished I had 20! So cute for $1.25

Shoe Boxes – $1.25. I had quite a few already, however I bought a few more just in case.

White Cabinet Shelf – $1.25

yogurt jars with lids

However, one of my favorite new organizational items are these lids that fit on my OUI yogurt jars.

Instead of throwing the jars out I decided to use them and then lids help me do that.

Not only did I use them in my craft closet but they are now my spice jars in my pantry. ( More on that later).

The lids come in 1. vacuum sealed wooden ones – which I ‘m not gonna lie were  a bit of a splurge.

2. plastic lids. 

The plastic lids are super affordable.

Basket tags

New Bins

The first thing I did was pull everything out of the closet.

Then I purged, sorted and put like things together.

These plastic bins are super sturdy and hold so much more than the previous cloth ones.

And these basket labels that clip onto the basket are the bomb!

Simply clip them to the basket and table them by using your favorite chalk marker.

jars with cup lift

Glas Jars

The glass jars I purchased were perfect for things like wooden beads, jingle bells, etc.

And the yogurt jars?

They rock for smaller items.

No more tiny things in baggies placed into larger bins where I would never find them.

I used a white cabinet shelf to enable me to use the smaller jars above the larger ones.

ribbon in candy bins

Another of my favorite new items were these plastic candy jars.

They are perfect for putting all of the small ribbon pieces that I keep inside of them.

I love that they are clear and I can tell at a glance what’s inside!

Baskets and shoe boxes

The last items I used were the plastic shoe boxes.

I’ve used these for years and they work well for unusual items like chandelier parts, felt flowers, old silverware etc.

I will say that you can definitely tell a difference in quality when comparing the older ones to the newer ones.

However, either works well and can be stacked which is a huge bonus.

neat craft closet

This is the finished result and I couldn’t be happier.

I’ve had this organized now for over a month and it is working so well.

No more shoving things in places they don’t belong.

Is it one of those closets that everyone on Pinterest will be drooling over?

Nope, but I love how functional and neat it is!

Basket tags

I hope that my craft closet facelift inspired you on some level.

I know that being able to do a relatively inexpensive facelift has inspired me to think of other areas of my home that need a little help.

Until next time…



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    1. Thank you Sheryl! I understand about not having a place for a craft closet. For years I worked off of my dining room table and stuffed my craft supplies wherever they would fit. It is definitely a luxury!

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