What A Difference Paint Makes

baby chicks

Happy Friday! I hope that it is warm and sunny wherever you are, it is sunny here however it’s freezing cold. I keep reminding myself that it IS winter after all. This PSA is for all  of you – including me – who need to be reminded what a difference paint makes.

I was recently at the Dollar Spot at Target and found the cutest little sets of ducks and chicks.

However, they were what I like to call “primer grey”.

Not a bad color, it just doesn’t fit in with my style.

I was just about to move my cart on down the isle when I gave myself a great big ole head slap.

They CAN be painted after all!

whitewashing a duck

I couldn’t wait to get them home and give them a white wash.

White washing is easy.

Load your brush, wipe most of it off on a paper towel, then lightly brush your paint brush over the piece you are painting.

Be sure to lightly add the paint, you can always add more!

whitewashing a duck

I used multiple-surface white acrylic paint.

Now they match my decor, and you can see all of the detail on each of the chicks and ducks.

Cuteness overload.

white washed chicks

If you looked closely you saw the chicks earlier in the week when I  shared my Thrifted Cache Pot.

white washed ducks

They are perfect to tuck in here and there in my Spring and Easter decor.

AND they are a great reminder of what a difference paint makes.

Until next time….


What a difference Paint Makes

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