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Murphy Bed in the Library

Happy Tuesday! Today I’m sharing how to create a Murphy bed. If you’ve been here awhile you know that we downsized about three years ago. What we mostly have missed in the downsize is another bedroom and bathroom. Why? Well, a couple of times of year we host our families BBQ’s and other events.

It’s not that big of a deal with my side of the family as there are only 11 of us.

However, The Hubs side? We’ve had as many as 21 sleep over in our old home.

I tell you all of this because with the downsize, the need for  more sleeping spaces is huge!

Right now, we currently have 3 bedrooms, a FROG ( finished room above the garage) and 5 blow up mattresses.

Which isn’t anything to sneeze at, but any new sleeping area is greatly appreciated!

Before picture of the library


This is what the Library looked like before we added the Murphy Bed.

We knew we were going to build in the Murphy bed when we added the book shelves so we left space to do just that.

Murphy Bed Hardware

Bed Hardware

My husband found the hardware to build the bed here.

First, you choose the size of the finished bed you want, then choose the hardware kit for that size bed.

When we went to twin beds in one of the guest rooms we kept the full size mattress just in case we decided on a Murphy bed.

I’m so glad that we did!

Once you choose your hardware, included in the kit is a set of plans to build the bed.

Lumber to build a murphy bed

Once we received the plans, The Hubs cut out all of the pieces per the instructions.

Then I painted them black to match the shelving in the library.

building a Murphy Bed


Then it was just a matter of following the plans and putting the bed together.

I will say that there were times when  two and even third person was needed for the assembly.

Murphy bed build

Finished Murphy Bed

This is the Murphy bed all put together.

I laughed when I saw this picture as I didn’t even notice the kettle bell holding the bed down!

Murphy Bed

Once the mattress was placed in the frame it stays put perfectly.

Murphy Bed made up

This is the Murphy Bed all made up!

The Hubs and I slept on it one night just to see how it slept.

Not only is it cute, but it sleeps pretty well too!

At some point I may hang some art above the bed on the back wall.

Maybe even add some lighting.

pulling down a Murphy Bed

This rail across the foot of the mattress acts as feet for the bed – just swing it over the end of the bed – or if kept in the position you see here it holds the mattress in when closing the bed up.

Murphy Bed enclosure

Murphy Bed

Here’s the Murphy bed all closed up.

I love that it looks like a built in cabinet between the bookshelves.

Unless you know otherwise, you would never know that it’s actually a bed!

So how hard was it to create a Murphy Bed?

I’d say that it is a medium to medium hard project.

Cost depends on the hardware you choose and the size of the bed, however we saved a ton by building it ourselves rather than have someone else install it.

Murphy Bed made up

And I love that we can offer our guests a real bed instead of a blow up mattress.

It’s the little things, y’all!

Until next time…


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Create A Murphy Bed


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