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Since it’s been so hot outside, I’ve been looking for things to do inside. On a recent trip to the Dollar Tree I found some of the prettiest desk organization. Well, I should say I found a 5 piece set of bins to organize your desk in one of my favorite colors. Pink!


Just in case you aren’t a pink fan, it also comes in a soft blue, a mint green and orange.

There are 5 pieces in a set and they are super sturdy!!!

They also have these round containers that match that would be perfect for small things that you don’t want to be loose.

I knew they would be perfect for my desk!

unorganized desk drawer

This is what my desk drawer looked like when I started.

Not horrible , but it certainly could be improved upon.

cleaning a desk drawer

The first thing that I did was to removed everything from the drawer and give it a good cleaning.

lining a desk drawer

I lined the drawer with this pretty wrapping paper that I had.

To secure the paper I used Museum gel.

Just a little ball of museum gel in each corner and the paper stays in place!

pink bins

Next, I played around with the position of the bins.

I love that these bins interlock with each other, making them fairly stationary.

organized desk drawer

After sorting through everything, eliminating duplicates and re-homing several items this is what my desk drawer looks like.

I did end up keeping the long clear organization bins as they worked really well for some items.

I can’t tell you how much I love my new desk organization!

The best part about these bins?

They would work well in lots of places, not just your office.

I’m thinking light blue ones for my night stand….

Until next time….


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Desk Organization


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