Dallas Arboretum 12 Days of Christmas

If you haven’t been to the Dallas Arboretum 12 days of Christmas, you need to go! It’s almost over this year, although there are a few days left. It’s definitely worth the trip.

We recently bundled up the family and headed out to see  the 12 Days of Christmas Gazebos exhibit. It was awesome! So awesome, that I wanted to share it with you. I may  have gone a little crazy with the pics, so grab some hot chocolate and a comfy chair!

I’ll be honest my photos do not even live up to the beauty and artistry that was put into these displays – my bad, but hopefully you will enjoy them anyway.  If I had know how beautiful the gazebos would be I would have brought a better camera! Luckily the pics get better as you go along.

Each of these exhibits rotate, are inclosed in glass, most have mirrors, and all remind me of Where’s Waldo. You can’t possible see everything they are so detailed and ornate.

On the first day of Christmas my true love gave to me a partridge in a pear tree. You’re singing this song in your head now, right?

Two turtle doves.

Three French Hens.

Four calling birds.


Five Golden Rings.

Six Geese a-laying.

Seven swans a-swimming.

This was my favorite of all of the gazebos, so I am sharing two photos with you! I Love the swans and their crowns.

The black swan has some serious attitude!

Eight maids a-milking.

Nine ladies dancing.

Ten lords a-leaping.

Eleven pipers piping.

Twelve drummers drumming.

The gazebos were spread out over .75 miles of the park. In between each gazebo the park was lit up with a ton of lights.

In the center of the exhibit was this huge Christmas tree. I could have sat on a near by bench for most of the night just enjoying the tree and drinking  hot cider. Instead the Hubs and I headed over to the Mistletoe kissing booth for a little fun. I’ll spare you those photos!

The park is open during the day, incase you don’t want to brave the cold weather, however when I read that there were over 500,000 lights lit up at night, I knew the night event was for me. Such a fun event for all ages, guaranteed to get you in the Christmas spirit.  I will definitely go again.

Merry Christmas!





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