What’s Under Your Christmas Tree?

What’s under your Christmas tree? Beautifully wrapped boxes, or a ton of blinged out bags?

Are your presents beautifully wrapped in all matching paper and bows? Or do you like a more eclectic mix and match look?  Here at the castle it’s a little of all of the above. I’m certainly no Martha, but I do have fun wrapping my presents!

First of all, I start with really good paper. The past few years I have bought my paper at Hobby Lobby. The patterns of paper range from cute to formal and come in a big variety. The weight of the paper is perfect, there is a ton of it on the roll and if that weren’t enough there is a grid on the back side so that you can cut nice straight lines! On top of all of that, it is super affordable, usually 50% off. Can you tell how much I really like it?

I usually pick out three different papers that co-ordinate with each other.

I like to tie my own bows. So I’m super picky about ribbon. Co-ordinating ribbons in different colors, at least 2 inches wide with wired edges are my favorite.

If I use a “slap bow” I like to them to be really pretty ones.

The multi-looped bow you see above is super easy to make and I usually put it on my larger presents.

This is the same bow, just a different width of ribbon. Double sided ribbon is one of my go to ribbons, it’s so pretty and versatile.

Embellishments are a big part of my wrapping too. They are like jewelry on the presents!

I love a beautiful bag! The jingle bells came attached to the tags. How cute is that? Santa is glued to small clothes pins and it’s easy to clip him to any bag or bow.

I also like using unusual boxes. This box is made for candy storage, but it is also great for wrapping up small items.

Curly ribbon brings back memories of Christmas past. It is one of the first ribbons my mother gave me to wrap presents. I still can’t resist using it every year.

This is the second type of bow I use and it is also the easiest. It is just like tying your shoe! Tie the bow, fluff it up and your bow is done!

I found the cutest embellishment of all this year. Or so I thought. Light up, motion and sound activated ornaments. And they only cost $1.00! Cute right?

Cute until it goes off every three seconds. There is no turn off switch on the ornament so I created my own. Lovely right? I told you I wasn’t Martha!

So What’s under your Christmas tree? I’d love to know. Send me pictures of your presents!

Happy Holidays!



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  1. Cute! I love all your papers, tags and bows Tammy. I have been using much the same paper for a number of years. I don’t know how many rolls i originally bought, but it’s reversible and has a huge yardage on each. I buy those various rolls of ribbon from Sam’s and have also used those (in fact, they are what I used on my tree that I had in stash for years).
    Merry Christmas!

    1. I love Sam’s and Costco for ribbon. It’s good quality and lasts forever! I haven’t found reversible paper in a long time but I love it! Merry Christmas Rita!

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