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Christmas hutch

Today on Decorate With Us Terrie, Corine and I are all sharing how to decorate a kitchen hutch for Christmas via video on our Facebook pages. So it only made sense that we share our hutches here and the sources for all the things.

So let’s get started!

Christmas tree in a red bucket

On top of the hutch

First of all, you should know that I like to use old decor with a few new things to decorate in new, fresh way each year.

So a lot of my decor I’ve had awhile.

On the top of my hutch I used some of my white dishes in the middle.

Then on each end I added a Christmas tree and put it in painted red buckets.

My buckets came from the Dollar Tree and were silver.

A few coats of red paint and they are the perfect container for my trees.

Christmas hutch shelves

The First Shelf

On the first shelf in my hutch, I started in the middle using a large white serving tray with a salad plate from my Christmas dishes in front.

On each side of the plate is two red bottle brush trees.

They are new this year and I wish I had bought a ton more of them!

In the front of those I placed my new hand painted Merry Christmas wooden letters.

These were not only fun to paint, but at $1.99 you can’t beat the price point!

Christmas plate vignette

On either side of the platter vignette I placed a dinner plate from my Christmas dishes.

In front of each dish is a red mercury glass candle holder.

These are so beautiful when lit at night!

Christmas hutch shelves

The Second Shelf

On the second shelf we have a small dish display area with two cubbies on either side.

Again, using the rule of 3, I placed three salad plates on the back wall.

I used some of my white dish collection to place a piece in front of each plate.

Making sure that the white dishes were low and the plates could still be seen.

In between the dishes I added two more of the red bottle brush trees.

Christmas wreath

On each door I placed a mini wreath.

This wreaths really a tiny roll of leaf garland.

I just left it rolled up, wrapped a jingle bell garland around it and added a bow for hanging.

Super easy wreath in a couple of minutes!

Christmas hutch shelves

The Third Shelf

Basically I like to add things to the top of the hutch base – or third shelf- that are not only decorative but things I use a lot.

On the left hand side I placed all of my Christmas dishes that aren’t in use.

It’s easy to grab and set the table quickly.

Bowl of ornaments

In the center I used my large white hobnail bowl and filled it full of ornaments!

To each side of the bowl I set out my Santa creamer and sugar bowl.

The red birds in front are salt and pepper shakers.

Santa pitcher

The the right side of the bowl is a matching Santa pitcher.

Napkins that aren’t in current use are stacked beneath ready to be used.

Last but not least, I added a couple of sprigs of greenery behind the Santa and the plates.

Christmas hutch

I love to decorate  my kitchen hutch for Christmas!

Now, I hope that you will join me in visiting Terrie at Decorate And More With Tip and Corine at

Junk to Gems and see what their Christmas hutches look like!

Corine's Christmas Hutch

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Terrie Hutch

                               Decorate And More With Tip

Until next time…

Decorate The Kitchen Hutch



    1. That felted garland was definitely a find for me. I love the ornaments in the bowl too… just something about all the sparkle.

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