Decorating Beep’s Nursery

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My niece Laura, and her family, have been renovating an older farm house for the last six months. It’s finally finished so my sisters and I spent the past weekend decorating Beep’s nursery!

changing table

Well, we didn’t just decorate Beep’s nursery. We did help hang art, clean, hang ceiling fans, light fixtures, microwaves and play with Beep. In other words, we had so much fun!


Remember I said that it was an old farm house?

The nursery walls and trim for the most part were painted.

However, the closet was a mess!

No doors.

No paint.

To it’s credit, the closet is deep and wide. Perfect for all kinds of storage for all things baby!

We felt like all this closet just needed a little love.

woman painting

My sisters and I started by painting the closet ceiling and walls.

We also painted the trim around the closet.


Once the paint dried, The Hubs put together an IKEA Kallax shelving unit.

We placed the shelving unit on it’s side and added The IKEA Dronna boxes that fit the shelving unit.

The white boxes were a little too plain, so we add some fun trim.

I think they turned out super cute!

changing table

We didn’t realize it when we bought the cubbies, however they were the perfect height for a changing table. Bonus!

Super bonus, as the crib was back ordered and they hadn’t moved Beeps dresser into the room yet.


We hung art work where we could without the furniture to help us figure out the placement.

nursery glider

Remember the glider that I made over for the nursery?

And the hand painted wooden sign?

They fit into the nursery perfectly!

decorating beep's nursery

Since the closet was built without any closet doors, we hung the cutest curtains instead.

After a little decoration it was time to load the closet with fun bins, baby clothing and toys!

decorating Beep's nursery

I have to say that we were disappointed that we didn’t have the crib or dresser.

However, decorating Beep’s nursery was so much fun!

Unfortunately, we ran out of time and didn’t get the corner trim painted!

My niece has promised that she will send follow up pictures once the dresser and crib arrive. I promise to share them with you soon.

Until next time…



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  1. That’s adorable, great job! When I was in high school and living at home, my room had two closets, and I took the doors off and hung curtains much like did there. Mine was a sewing nook.

    1. Thank you Rita. What a great idea for a sewing nook! Wish I had a spare closet big enough to put my sewing machine in.

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