My Favorite Decorating Item

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It’s Ten on the 10th!  Where my 10 fun blogger friends and I share ideas under $10. This month we decided to share the one item that we decorate with that we can’t live without. I had the hardest time trying to figure out my favorite decorating item!

ten on the 10th

There are so many things! How to decide?

command strips

One of the first things that came to mind were Command strip hooks.

I love and use them for everything.

I hang banners from my fireplace, chalkboard and china hutch with them.

They organize and keep my charging cords from laying on the floor next to my bed.

Command strip hooks also help me hide my lamp cords in the living room.

My very favorite is the one that holds the cord on my stand mixer.

Can you tell I love them?

gold spray paint

Then I thought of spray paint. This is Patina and Paint after all!

I should have stock in Rust-Oleum.

My family has always said that if it doesn’t move, I will paint it.

So true and spray paint makes it so easy to paint!

Need I say more?


Both of those are great, however the one thing that I kept coming back to was fresh flowers!

Whether it be for the outside or for the inside, there is nothing that makes me happier than flowers!

I love to garden.

Spring and summer will find me growing flowers outside and cutting them to bring inside.

When it’s cold out like now, nothing beats grocery store flowers in price and looks.


The grocery store has so many varieties, all under 10!

These hydrangeas make me long for summer days.


While roses aren’t my favorite flower, aren’t these gorgeous?

I’ll take one of every color please!

flower arrangement

Today I chose this mix of flowers for $7.99.

flower arrangement

I did pop outside and cut a few newly bloomed Abelia stems for a little interest.

Once the arrangement was done, I put them on my coffee table where I’ll be able to see them all day long.

Flowers make me so happy that I have to say that they are hands down my favorite decorating item!

Please join me and visit my fabulous blogger friends and find out what decorating item they can’t live without!

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Tammy from Patina and Paint


  1. Great ideas!! I wish I bought stock in spray paint years ago – I use an awful lot, too!! We are still under quite a bit of snow, another 6″ last 2 days, so fresh flowers are what I need to brighten mu mood!

  2. Tammy I have to agree with you, those command strips are a life saver. And although I don’t use spray paint often I have a cart full of crafters acrylic paints and chalk paint. Fresh flowers is also a great idea. While living in Greece I would go to the farm and pick wildflowers and bring them home. But now that I’m here I find myself drawn to the supermarket’s flower selections too. Your flowers are lovely and can brighten any day!

  3. I have just recently discovered the Rustoleum Accents spray paint and I was seriously impressed with the coverage. I don’t use spray paint often but just might change that.

    Of course, you know I’m all about fresh flowers all the live long day!

  4. Love the items you’ve shared! Every girl should have certain decorating items and ideas in her arsenal that are cheap and easy.

    I think I need one of those crowns! 🙂

  5. Beautiful flowers and I love the information that you shared about the spray paint. I love spray paint and I am always loving to learn more!

  6. I am with you 100% on your choices. Especially flowers, but who can do without Command Strips? And Spray paint. My new favorite is 3M sticky tape. You can hang anything with it. Look ma, no nails!

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