Decorating for Winter

basket , vase, pinecones

Decorating for winter can be tricky. Especially if you are like me and after the holidays are ready to pack all of the Christmas decor away, including the greenery. However, just because I’m ready for a clean decor slate doesn’t mean that decorating for winter has to be hard. In fact, you can achieve a wonderful warm design in just 3 steps!

Step 1:

Light a fire.

The past few days have been cold, wet and dreary.

You can tell by the photos that there was very little light.

On days like these I love to light a fire, curl up on the sofa and read a good book.

Lighting the fireplace both mentally and physically warms you up!

fireplace, candle, mantle

I added a ton of candles to the mantle of the fireplace.

There is nothing like lighting them all in the evening.

It not only looks inviting, but smells great too.

picture, candle, bird

I love them so much that I’ve sprinkled candles all through the castle!


chair, throw blanket

Step 2:

Add texture.

Heavier fabrics like fur, velvet, corduroy and wool all just scream winter to me.

Add a warm fuzzy throw blanket to your decor doe instant warmth.

Can’t you just imagine curling up with this furry throw?

It is just the softest!

sofa , living room

These velvet pillows on the sofa really cozy up the living room.

velvet pillows

armoire, chairs

Don’t forget to add texture through out your home.

My bedroom has a very cool color scheme with a lot of neutrals paired with steal blues and mid-tone greens.

The addition of a warm furry throw as well as velvet pillows really helps to warm this space up.

bed, pillows

In the guest room I took away the bright hot pink throw pillows and added these off white corduroy pillows complete with fuzzy poms!

I love them so much that the old pillows may never come back!

lantern, pinecone

Step 3:

Add  a little nature.

Think greenery, pinecones, and sticks from trees.

All too often we shut ourselves up inside when it’s cold.

Bringing nature inside is a must for me!

Not a lot, just a few elements here and there.

As you can see here, I added scented pinecones to a large lantern.

vase, pinecones

On the coffee table I’ve added a woven basket to hold all of my decor.

The basket adds warm texture as well as shows off the pinecones, greenery and a candle.

Even the burlap bow adds warmth with it’s nubby texture!

This tablescape is the trifecta of decorating for winter.

It has a little nature, tons of texture and a candle to give it that warm soft glow.


As you can see, decorating for winter is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

Until next time….

Decorating For Winter

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