Plans for Cumberland Trail Part 2


Cumberland Trail

Welcome to Plans for Cumberland Trail  part 2! Last week I shared just how busy last year was for us.  I didn’t realize just how busy until I did that walk down memory lane. Needless to say, it was a full year for us. Today I’m sharing what we plan on doing this year here at the castle. Don’t worry, we all know that there will always be small changes and projects to do! Nobody wants to hear ALL of those, which is why I’m only going to share some of our bigger projects with you.

Plans for Cumberland Trail Part 2

The first thing on my list is to finish up the laundry room.

This room has come a long way since we moved in.

It had linoleum flooring.

Wallpaper from the 80’s… maybe even the 70’s.

Fluorescent tube lighting on the ceiling.

The cabinets may have been a cream at one time, but over the years they had yellowed and just looked dirty.

The first week we were here all floors in the house were replaced.

The second week I striped the wallpaper and gave it a good cleaning.

Everything in this room from the ceiling to the floor has been painted.

The fluorescent lighting was replaced with a pretty crystal one.

So what’s left?

The countertop, new sink, faucet and tile on the wall above the sink.

I have all of the  supplies to do this and have for a few months, I just never found the time.

I’m making this my number 1 project.

Plans for Cumberland Trail Part 2

The Kitchen.

I knew before we moved in that there needed to be big changes in the kitchen for it to function for our family.

First off, it’s much smaller than our previous kitchen so I’m having to learn to let go of things and be more intentional with my space.

Plus, it’s not my style.

At all.

At one time they had lime washed the cabinets.

The finish has worn off in some spots, making it very porous.

At certain times during the day the cabinets look almost peach.

Fluorescent tube lighting under the  upper cabinets.

And I’m not sure what the granite was finished with but it always looks streaked even after polishing.

It’s the darkest room in the house.

Plans for Cumberland Trail Part 2

When we moved in the first week we replaced all of the appliances.

We plan on painting the cabinets white.

Replacing the sink, faucet and undercounter lighting.

If it fits into the budget I will be replacing the countertops. Fingers crossed.

Long term, I’d also like to take the upper cabinets all the way to the ceiling for extra storage and put in a new simpler style of doors.

bathroom vanity


The Master Bathroom

There is nothing terribly wrong in here.

It functions, but it just needs a few repairs and updates.

Right before Christmas we painted the vanity, walls and trim.

It had a bad antiquing treatment on the vanity and the walls were builder beige.

The vanity was painted a blue gray color, the walls a greige and the trim pure white.

I’d like to get rid of the wall of mirrors.

Aint nobody need to see that much of themselves!

And remove a few of the light fixtures.

They are blinding!

master bathroom


The ceiling needs to be painted white.

The window treatments in the master bathroom and the bedroom are Duets.

At one time I’m sure they were super nice, however they are tired, worn and there really is no good way to clean them.

They are going.

I’m going to replace them and put in some kind of valance to give the space a little color and texture.

We do have one issue, the wall between the tub and the shower moves.

Yep, it gives just a little.

We are betting that it will need to be replaced before long.powder room

Bathroom Countertops

The last two really large things on my list are the powder room and the guest bathroom countertops.

It’s hard to tell in the picture, but the tops are a biscuit color.

Nothing else in either room is that color and they stick out like a huge elephant in the room.

Not sure what the plan is for either of these rooms is at this point, but I’m working on a quick fun solution!


That’s it for Plans for Cumberland Trail Part 2.

As you can see, we have our work cut out for us!

However, I’m really looking forward to getting started and make Cumberland a little more “us” every day!

Until next time…..







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