Deer In The Nursery

Deer in the nursery? You betcha!

deer in the nursery 9

The sweetest client in the world called me and asked if I could paint a mural in her nursery.

Sure! I’d love to. What are we painting?



Yup. Seems hubby is a huge hunter and wanted to share that with his sweet baby girl. My client gave me some of the bedding to show me what she was thinking and I have to say it is girly and sweet without being over the top.

Deer in the Nursery 14

We started above the bed. If you look really close you will see the silhouette of the deer with cabbage roses around it neck. That gave us the inspiration of what to paint above the bed. It turned out really well … all that was left to add was the sweet new baby’s name.

Please hang in here with me on the photos! I took these photos all on different days, at different times and in different lighting! Grrrr….

deer in the nursery 3

Adding the baby’s name above the deer was the perfect addition to the deer silhouette! It really finished the mural perfectly.

deer in the nursery 4

Next we added the cabbage roses here and there around the nursery…

deer in the nursery 6

Under the mirror on the changing table… It will give the new baby something to look at while Mom and Dad are busy changing diapers.

Deer in the nursery 1

In the letter B over the dresser…

Deer in the Nursery

And since we have another deer in the nursery, of course we were going to add a few flowers there!

We also add more roses above the light switch, above the door to the bathroom, and in the bathroom suite to tie all of the rooms together.

deer in the nursery 3

Honestly, when my client told me she wanted me to paint deer in the nursery I was a little skeptical.. but I was wrong! It’s clean and crisp, girly without being over the top, and pink without being too PINK. I think both Mom and Dad are happy with deer in the nursery!

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