DIY Dry Erase Board

Dry Erase Board in my studio

Today on the blog I’m sharing a super easy and inexpensive DIY dry erase board.

Occasionally I take on paid projects for others.

Like painting murals, chalk board art, painting signs, furniture etc.

Sometimes, it seems like when I get one project, I get ten.

The need to keep things in order is a must for me, which is why I keep a Happy Planner.

But lately I’ve felt the need for a daily to do list. I hate wasting paper, but wasn’t sure what or how I should accomplish this.

dry erase vinyl

Until yesterday when I was at Hob Lob checking out the discounted section and I saw this.

White dry erase vinyl on a roll.

supplies to make a diy dry erase board


My mind went immediately to things that I would need to make one.


A sign or board


Yep, pretty sure I had everything that I needed to make a DIY dry erase board!

Other than the dry erase vinyl, I knew that I had everything else at home.

measuring a sign


Making this is one of the easiest DIY’s I’ve ever done.

Just measure the sign.

Mark the back of the vinyl, then cut it out.

applying vinyl


Then apply the vinyl to my old sign.

I started by peeling away about three or four inches of the backing and pulling it toward me under the vinyl.

Attach to the upper corners.

Press the vinyl down and slowly pull more of the backing toward you .

Continue doing this until it is evenly applied.

Press down on the entire sign to make sure it is adhered correctly.

dry erase board with flowers on it


Now to add a little color!

I had some left over vinyl and cut out a 2″ strip.

Then using a circle I drew around the upper edge making small half circles all the way across the strip.

Then I cut it out and applied it to the bottom of my dry erase board.


to do dry erase board

Then using my Silhouette, I cut out To Do and small scalloped circles.

Now my DIY dry erase board is ready to hang!

Dry Erase Board in my studio

Clearly, it is super cute, but can I write on it?

Will it erase well?

To Do list

Yes, writing on it is a breeze!

erasing a dry erase board

And it erased beautifully!

I couldn’t be happier with my new DIY dry erase board.

It’s not only super functional, but it’s pretty!

And it only cost me $7.00!

Until next time….


DIY dry erase board

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