Swamp Coolers And Flamingo Tables


Happy Friday y’all! It’s still a scorcher her in Texas with no end to the heat in sight. Right now I’m thanking God for Swamp Coolers and Flamingo tables. I’m not kidding!

Since we like to eat outside in the Summer the only thing that’s making that possible is a Swamp Cooler. See outdoor air conditioner in the South!  

That and cute flamingo table settings are the only thing making eating out bearable!

I’ve had my Pink Flaming plates for awhile now, but since the flamingos popularity rise in recent years, you see tons of Flamingo stuff.

Here and there I will pick up items as they go on sale.

Which is how I got this cute tropical table runner. 

It’s on sale right now for $5.99, originally $14.99.

Maybe I’ve not paid attention, but I believe that this is the first table runner I’ve seen that is made of outdoor fabric.

Love that!

It’s All About The Stack!

Like I said earlier, I’ve had this stack of plates for awhile, but I still love all of the bright colors.

Stacked on top of this turquoise placemat and you’ve got an eye catching stack!

These bright green raffia napkin rings go perfectly with the table runner and help tie the runner and the plate stack together for a cohesive look.

Felt palm leaf

These felt palm leaves make great coasters!

My table is metal with open holes.

When you get a glass that has condensation on it  the condensation drips down into the holes.

Which makes for wet legs and feet.

Believe me, it’s swampy enough here without the added drips!

Glass with felt palm leaf coaster

Don’t the palm leaves look cute underneath the glass?

And no wet legs and feet!

The next few items were purchased at the Dollar Tree.

First up…. these green napkins with white polk- a -dots!

And these super cute hot pink scalloped napkins… so cute!

Hot Pink Flamingo

I couldn’t resist picking up a few of these tinsel flamingos.

They come in both hot pink….

Light Pink Flamingo

And pale pink!

They worked perfectly as napkin weights.

Pink Flamingo Centerpiece

And last – the centerpiece.

I started with my first Flamingo ever, Mabel.

I think she may be about 8 years old now.

She’s sitting in a large Mason jar filled with glass beads.

However, it just wasn’t what I had envisioned.

Pink Flamingo Centerpiece

So I grabbed Mabel and stuck her into a pot of sweet mint.

Not only does it look cute, but we can always cut off a little mint to put in our sweet tea!

It’s a win win situation for sure.

Oh! I almost forgot.

I added in my bamboo flatware to finish off my place settings.

All in all, this is a fun table that might just make us over look the heat!


As they say, “It’s hotter than the devil’s basement!”

Thank God for swamp coolers and flamingo tables.

Until next time…..


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Swamp Coolers and Flamingo Tables




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