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fall vignette

Today is all about a DIY mini lift. What is a lift you ask? No, it’s got nothing to do with plastic surgery and everything to do with decorating!

A long time ago in the land of DIY TV, back when the DIY craze started, there was  Christopher Lowell. Remember him? I’m surely not the only one. Christopher had the 7 Layers of Design and he always preached using lifts and levels to add interest to your vignettes.



A lift is something that “lifts” up what you are wanting to showcase.

Have a pretty lantern, but it’s too low?

Put it on a stack of books.

A cute Teapot in the kitchen.

Set it on a stack of plates.

You get the idea.

fall vignette

When I was redecorating my hutch for fall, I needed a lift.

It couldn’t be too tall or too big.

I didn’t want books or plates.

Everything I had just didn’t work in that space.

So I decided to DIY one that would work.

wooden plaque


1  – 12 X 9  Wooden Board

4 large wooden beads

Wood Glue

White paint

Brown marker


Paint Brush


painting a board white

Step 1

Lightly sand wooden board and give it a couple of coats of white paint.

This board required 2 good coats for full coverage.

Paint wooden balls white also.

gluing wooden feet to board

Step 2

Using wood glue, glue wooden balls to the 4 corner of the bottom side of board.

If this were a bigger piece I would use wood screws to help attach the feet to insure stability.

sanding board

Step 3

Lightly sand edges and feet to give the lift a slightly distressed look.

distressing board

Step 4

Normally for a distressed piece I would paint the board a brown before painting the white.

However, I’m going to share a quick tip with you that gives it the same look.

Using a marker, lightly hit the areas that you distressed.

Just here and there, be sure not to do a straight pin all the way across the boards edge.

You want an old, well worn look.

Not a newly distressed one.

After I make a mark, I like to take a paper towel and wipe it off a little so that it’s not so dark.

diy mini lift

Step 5

Once you have it distressed, wipe off your board to ensure there is no dust or residue.

Give the lift a couple of coats of a poly clear spray.

When that is dry, your lift is finished!

fall vignette

Using a lift in this vignette makes all the difference!

This lift is super simple, but I would love to take mini wooden balls and place all the way around the beveled edge!

My DIY mini lift was super easy to make and very cost friendly.

I’m sure that I will be using it a lot in the future.

Be sure to check back in on Friday where I’ll be sharing my complete hutch and table with you!

Until next time…

DIY Mini Lift

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    1. Ha! Christopher Lowell is a blast from the past for sure! I love using risers and the paint pen is a great way to antique without sanding…

  1. Wow! That really did change the look of your vignette to the better. It’s not so “flat” now. I love the small “lift”! Your creativity amazes me!

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