DIY Thrifted Side Table

DIY Thrifted Side Table

Happy Thrift With Us Wednesday! Today my friends Terrie from Decorate With Tip and More, Corine from Curly Willow Acres aka Junk To gems and Niki from Life as a LEO Wife and I are all sharing thrifted items with you.  I’m sharing a DIY thrifted side table that was super easy, inexpensive and fun to zhuz up a little!

Thrifted table


This is what the table looked like when I got it.

It is super sturdy, has great bones but it had some major wear on the top and on the bottom of the legs.

Sanding a table

Step 1

Sand the table.

I used a fine grade sandpaper so that I didn’t scratch up the table anymore than it already was.

Cleaning a table

Step 2

Clean the table.

Using a lint free cloth or tack cloth to remove all dirt and dust.

Staining table legs

Step 3

I wanted to address the worn legs first.

Matching the stain with the rest of the table was key for this step.

Staining Table legs

Using a lint free cloth, I dipped the cloth into some stain and rubbed it onto the worn legs.

Make sure that you saturate this area, then once it has sat on the legs a bit, go back and wipe off any  excess.

painting a table

Step 3

Paint the table top.

I used Sherwin William Salty Dog as it was the paint color used on the accent wall of my art room.

Which made it the perfect match.

It took 3 coats to cover.

TIP: You may want to paint on a primer before painting if your paint doesn’t have primer in it.

Adding a top coat to the table

Step 5

Once your paint has completely dried, paint on a clear top coat.

Topcoat and paintbrush

This is one of my very favorite top coats.

finding the center of the table apron

Step 6

Add some bling.

I could have left well enough alone, but we all know I like things a little extra.

So I found the center of my table apron.

Adding hardware to a table

Drilled a hole and added this lions head pull.

It is strictly ornamental and I love it!

DIY Thrifted side table

My DIY thrifted side table turned out so cute didn’t it?

Proof that a few hours over two days and a little elbow grease can make a cast off item perfect for any area in your home!

Now please join me in visiting the other ladies to see what their thrifted items are and how they turned out.

Life As A Leo Wife

Until next time….


DIY Thrifted side table

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  1. Such an informative blog! We should keep our project dust-free by using a tack cloth. Thank you for sharing! I will share it to all my friends and relatives. Keep Posting! Keep Sharing!

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