Halloween Mantle 2023

Halloween mantle

Hey y’all! I can’t believe that it’s time to start decorating for Halloween! I mean, we just got out of the 100’s here and are enjoying the 80’s and 90’s. It feels like it should be the end of August not September. Today my friend Niki from Life of a LEO Wife and I have some fun Halloween inspiration for you. I have my Halloween mantle 2023 and Niki has her sofa table.

Fall mantle

Fall Mantle

Now, I just finished  decorating for Fall and I loved it.

Also, I plan on hosting Thanksgiving here for extended family.

So the thought of taking down all of the Fall decor, putting up Halloween, then taking it down and putting up Fall again – only to take it down in a few days to decorate for Christmas didn’t thrill me.

So I plan on adding my Halloween decor to my Fall decor – which means my Fall decor is there waiting for me!

This is what my Fall mantle looked like.

Halloween mantle

Halloween Mantle

I kept the Fall foliage, the pumpkins, the mirror and the candlesticks.

Halloween pumpkin and candle


I replaced the gold candles with black ones.

The raffia that was tied around the candlesticks was removed and cute Halloween ribbon was added.

Raven photo


This frame housed one of the ugliest bejeweled Christmas trees there ever was.

I remover the tree and added in this photo that I picked up on line.

I added in some black roses, black glitter picks and purple roses to the existing garland to make it a little more fun!

Halloween decor

Eye Glass

This cute eye glass was a new find this year from The Dollar General Store.

Halloween banner

Halloween Banner

We’ve hung this banner – Got Candy? – on the mantle every year for the past five or six years.

I made it and it’s been a family favorite.

Which is funny as none of us eat candy very much!

Halloween mantle

IT’s Batty In Here

The last thing I added in to complete the mantle were these fun bats flying out of the fireplace into the the room.

TIP: I used small command strips to hang them to keep from having a sticky residue that other tapes, glue dots, etc. leave.

Halloween mantle

Please join me in visiting Niki to see how her sofa table / mantle looks like!

Thanks for decorating with me.

Life As A Leo Wife

Until next time…


Halloween Mantle 2023

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