Does This “Pin” Even Work?

lip b c 7We’ve all done it. Spent hours  upon hours on Pinterest. Found something killer awesome. The excitement builds and you can’t wait to try it. You go out and buy all of the required things to make it, run home like a crazed woman hopped up on Mountain Dew and begin working on your project. Hours later you are asking yourself “Does This “Pin” Even Work?

Unfortunately, it has happened to me so many times it is ridiculous. I am willing to own that a small percentage could be operator error, but sometimes as I am reading how these awesome pins are made and there is a tiny voice inside my head that says” Really? Danger Will Robinson!” That can’t be right, but I go ahead and do it anyway. Usually when this happens it is a total disaster! It has happened often enough that it has occurred to me that I might not be the only one out there in Pin land that has this problem. So because I love you,  from time to time, I am going to share my Pinterest projects with you. Fabulous or Fail.

lip b c

My first project was from It’s a Chapstick Key Chain Holder. I thought these were so cute and would be perfect for me to attach to my tennis bag. I am always digging for chapstick and can never find it quickly! I think it would also be awesome hooked onto a child’s backpack or your purse….as my Granny used to say “It’s as handy as a pocket on a shirt!”

lip b c 3


1. scrap material

2. key ring

3. sewing machine

Crazy Little Projects instructions read – ( I am paraphrasing) cut a piece of material about 3 1/2 inches by 9 inches. ( Don’t be like the lazy me- iron your material before you start! Don’t judge – I did iron it shortly there after!)

lip b c 4

Fold in half length wise, Iron and then sew the piece together.

Once done turn inside out and iron. Press with the seam on one side.

lip b c 5

Hem one end by folding it under about 1\2 inch, press it flat and then fold under again 1/2″ and press. Stitch across that area.( This is where you will eventually insert your key chain ring. ) Now flip it over so you are working on the other side, and hem that end the same way.

Once you have done that fold up that end a couple of inches so that you have a couple of inches remaining at the top. Sew on each side of the folded up area.

You are finished sewing. Now attach the key ring into the top of your holder through the casing . I have to tell you that this was the hardest part of the entire project. Much hair pulling and cursing was involved! However, once I got to the end – it finally all went together…

You are done.

lip b c 6

This was my first one. Not so cute! I didn’t use pins to hold the folded over part and it moved as I was sewing. I readily admit that I am an average seamstress so I decided to give it one more shot…

Here is what I did differently:

I ironed my material before doing anything – duh!

Instead of 3 1/2 ” wide I cut it 4 ” wide. I don’t use regular lip balm, mine is a bit larger around than regular chap stick or I would have used the original dimensions.

When folding and pressing I used pins to hold it in place. I realize that the reason for this was because crazy little projects used lighter weight material and I used duck cloth. I wanted mine to be a little sturdier since it was going on my tennis bag. I think that it would have been fine not pinning with lighter weight material.

I didn’t backstitch my seams like I normally do. You could see where I did this and it looked messy. I did go back in and hand stitch around the openings where you insert the key ring and at the ends where you fold up to create the pocket on each side. Much nicer looking!

lip b c 2Here’s my finished chapstick key chain holder. MUCH better the second time around! By making it a little wider I am able to put my big girl lip gloss in it.

lip b c 1

Or three of my pretty little lip glosses!

So Does This Pine Even Work? Fabulous or Fail?  Fabulous.

Once I really paid attention to the pattern and adjusted it to look and function like I wanted it to- it was a breeze. This would be a great project to teach someone new to sewing. Definitely beginner level. It took very little time, other than attaching the key ring! I enjoyed it so much that I am thinking of making them for Christmas presents. Maybe with a tiny monogram or some bling?

Well, this Pin definitely worked so I am off to try a few more of my Pin’s. I’ll be sure to let you know how they work out!

Until next time….


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