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Trash to Treasure

mag rac 7I admit it. I own it. I pick up things from the trash occasionally. On my morning walks on trash days you might be surprised what people throw out. Now, don’t think I am actively digging in dumpsters, but a dresser by the side of the road will have me braking my car faster than you can say furniture! This past Tuesday I hit the trash to treasure jackpot!

mag rac

I found this magazine rack/ table. You can’t really tell it in this pic, but it was an ugly yellow ochre color. Yikes! The one good thing it had going for it was that it was sturdy. Of all the things I have picked up on the side of the road, this one needed a trash to treasure makeover, more than any other!

mag rac 4

In the makeover process, this piece went from a table/magazine rack to a table/ planter. It just screamed outdoor table!

mag rac 1

First thing I did was paint it a beautiful fire truck red. The ends were open so I added chicken wire to hold all of the dirt and plants. It looks a little messy here, but I promise you won’t see the wire so much when it is finished.

mag rac 2

Sheet moss was the perfect thing to put behind the chicken wire to help hold the dirt and plants. It also helps hide the chicken wire and let’s face it – it looks awesome too! There was a tiny crack at the bottom of the magazine rack, so it provided great drainage. No need to add more holes!

mag rac 5

All that was left was to add the plants….

mag rac 3

Here it is in the garden… apparently the cat  even likes it…or maybe he just likes to be in every picture that I take outside?

I think that it works much better as an outdoor table/planter than a magazine rack – well at least it does for me.  This trash to treasure was super easy, so easy I can’t wait to get started on the other finds of the day!

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