Dollar Tree Reindeer Nightlight

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I’m crazy about nightlights! Maybe it stems from when my boys were little and we had nightlights in the bathrooms. Or it could be that they make some of the cutest nightlight/ scent ports. Either way when I say this nightlight and this reindeer ornament at the Dollar Tree recently, I knew they were a match made in Heaven. AND this Dollar Tree Reindeer nightlight is super easy to make.


Nightlight from the Dollar Tree

Reindeer Ornament from the Dollar Tree

Small tiny jingle bells

Mod Podge

Tiny jingle bell garland from the Dollar Tree

Hot glue

Hot glue gun

Fake snow from the Dollar Tree

Painting a jingle bell gold

Step 1:

Glue your reindeer to the nightlight.

After the glue has dried, using mod podge , paint the lower 1/8th of the nightlight with Mod Podge.

Sprinkle on fake snow.

Let dry.

I painted the jingle bell gold, as it was a rusty rustic color.

reindeer nightlight

This is what the reindeer nightlight looks like at this point.

Super cute right?

If you love it looking just like it is, then you are done.

However, if you are extra like me then scroll onto the next few steps!

embellished reindeer nightlight

You could simply add a little bit of bling around the reindeer for a festive, fun look. Or….
Reindeer nightlight

Step 2:

Using the small jingle bell garland, wind it through the reindeers antlers.

Again, if you are happy with this look, you are done.

But we both know that I wanted to add more!

reindeer nightlight

Step 3:

Using tiny colored jingle bells, hot glue them to the jingle bell garland that you put on the antlers.

I also added a few in the garland at the base of the reindeer.

Reindeer nightlight

And this is the finished Dollar Tree reindeer nightlight.

Super cute, affordable and perfect for any room this Christmas season.

Until next time…

Dollar Tree Reindeer Nightlight

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    1. Terrie they are in a strange place and I hadn’t seen them until recently either. Although I’m told that they have had them for awhile! I guess I need to take more time and stroll through DT a little more often!

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