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stocking with a name tag

If you’ve been on Etsy, Pinterest or TikTok then you’ve seen all of the fun and beautiful stocking tags. And even though my stockings have initials on them I decided to make tags for my stockings!


I’ll be honest, for awhile now I’ve been thinking of changing out our stockings.

We’ve had them for a long time so they’ve got a little wear and tear on them.

Plus, the red color is darker than most reds that are popular now.

I’ve been looking for some new ones, I just haven’t found anything I love.

So until then adding a little something to them might help!

red tags

Step 1:

First things first.

I had The Hubs cut out the tags for me.

Each tag is 3.5″ wide and 5.5″ long.

After a good sanding, I gave each tag, 2 coats of red paint on the front and the back.

vinul names

Step 2:

Add the names!

Using white vinyl, I cut out the names on my Silhouette.

Then added them to my tags.

Now, if  you don’t have a cutting machine, then just use stickers.

Or if you  could always stencil or paint them on.

red tags and wooden beads

Step 3:

Paint 4 wooden beads red and 4 beads green.

putting together poms and beads on jute string

Step 4:

Add embellishments to the jute for hanging.

Now that the tags are finished, I needed to make something to hang the tags from.

I threaded my extra large needle with a 15″ length of Jute.

Push the needle through the middle of the pom, then add both wooden beads.

Now, push the needle back through the beads and pom leaving a 2 – 3 ” loop at the top.

You will have two tails at the bottom.

Remove the needle.

Tie a knot in the top loop close to the the wooden beads and tie a know at the bottom of the pom.

adding embellishments to a tag

Step 5:

Once you’ve tied the knots, then using the tails, tie the tails to the tag.

Use a double knot to ensure that the knot won’t come undone.

cutting of extra jute cord

Step 6:

Cut off the remaining tails next to the knot.

stocking with a name tag

Now for the fun part – just hang your tag onto your stockings!

These stocking tags were so easy and fun to make.

The best part?

If I do decided to change out mystockings, then these tags will still be a fun addition.

Until next time…

Stocking tags

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