Easter Family Room 2023

Hey Y’all!  Today my friends and I are sharing our Easter Family room 2023! All of last week we shared different parts of our family room. Today we are putting it all in one place so that you can see our family rooms all decorated.

When you are done here, but sure and head on over to Terries to see her family room.

I’ll be sure and put a link below!

Easter rabbit centerpiece

Sofa Table

 The week starts off  by decorating my sofa table.

Easter sofa Table

Easter decor on TV console

TV Consoles

Next, we tackled our TV consoles.

TV console decorated for Easter

decorating the coffee table for Easter

Coffee Table

Wednesday found us decorating coffee tables.

Mirror with Easter Wreath


And Friday had us finishing off the room with our Easter mantles.

If I haven’t mentioned it like a thousand times, the coffee table and the mantle are two  of my favorite things to decorate!

Easter mantle decor

The mantle is a mixture of old and new things.

Easter rabbit decor

It has lots of texture and color.

Mirror with Easter Wreath

More importantly, it’s fun!

Easter decor in the family room

I hope that you enjoyed my Easter family room 2023 decor and that you will join me in visiting Terrie to see what her family room  looks like!

Terrie's Easter Mantle 2023

Decorate And More With Tip


Until next time…


Easter family Room

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