Easy Easter Dining Room Craft


Easter dining room craft

Hey friends! This week as we are finishing up our Easter decor I have one last easy Easter dining room craft to share with you.

My friend Terrie from Decorate With Tip and More will also be sharing a craft for her dining room.

I’ll be sure and share her link below so that you can pop on over to her site and see what she is making!

craft supplies


Here’s a list of supplies you will need:

Vase/ placard holder

Paint- glass or multi-surface

Paint brush

Washi tape


Lint free cloth

vase and plate

Last year  I bought these pink and white buffalo check salad plates.

I knew immediately that they would be my inspiration for my Easter dining room table.

Then my BFF Roxanne called me and asked if I would like these vase/place card holders that had been her mothers?

Uh… yes mam!

I love them as they are but she gifted me around 10 of them so I knew that I would take a few and give them a little Easter pazazz!

wrapping a vase with washi tape

Step 1

Using a lint free cloth, spray the outside area down with alcohol and wipe dry.

Next, find the center of the vase and using washi tape, put tape in the middle and wrap all the way around.

Washi tape on a vase

When you are finished, it will look like this.

painting a vase

Step 2

Using a glass or multi-surface acrylic paint, paint the vase underneath the taped band.

painting a vase

Depending on your vase and your paint choice you may need two coats.

TIP: To keep the paint from “tearing” ( or having a jagged top edge) remove the tape while the paint is slightly wet.

It will also allow you to easily clean up any paint bleeds should you have them.

Painting dots onto a vase

I wanted a little more color and texture other than the pink , so I added paint dots using the end of a paint brush.

vase and place card holder

Step 3

Add water, the flower of your choice and your place card!

See what and easy Easter dining room craft this is?

I LOVE the finished result and can’t wait to share it with my guest on Easter.

Now I hope that you will join me in visiting Terrie to see what she is making for her dining room.

You can find her here:

Terrie Easter Craft

Decorate And More With Tip

Until next time…


Easy Easter Dining Room Craft

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