Easter Kitchen 2023

Bunny sign

Happy Friday! Today on Decorate With Us Easter 2023 my friends and I are are sharing how we styled our  kitchen counter tops. So… let the unveiling of the Easter Kitchen 2023 begin!

Easter vignetteI

To the left of the stove I’ve got my Round Top charm holder complete with an Easter charm.

The cache pot next to it is one that I recently gave a little facelift to.

It fits in with my kitchen decor perfectly with a yellow daffodil and little white chicks.

Easter vent hood decor

The area above the stove is a fun place for me to decorate.

The wreath above the stove got a little makeover with a few peeps and a new  bow.

If Hobby Lobby and the Dollar Tree had a baby it would look just like the sign above my stove.

I’ll be sure and share how I made it soon!

Island Easter decor

That takes care of the stove side of the room, so let’s move on to the island.

I shared that with you  yesterday, so I’ll skip the description and hop on over to the sink side of the room.

HOP Sign

There are a few new items in the room and this HOP sign is one of them.

I made it recently and promise to have a tutorial on how to make it soon!

Easter Decor

To the right of the HOP sign is a shelf that hosts white dishes and greenery almost year round.

To dress it up for Easter I added a sweet rabbit and truck salt and pepper shaker, as well as a few eggs!

Below the shelf is another new item – a rabbit on a stick.

I call it that because the real name escapes me!

A new towel, a candle and carrots were added and this area was ready to go!

paper towels and easter decor

The right side of the sink is where I do a lot of work, so not a lot of decorating goes on here.

However, I do add a few things so this side doesn’t feel neglected!

Easter canisters

A few colorful ribbons, carrots and eggs make this side of the room feel fun and festive!

Deviled egg vignette

The last vignette on the counter tops has a fun “The Devil Made Me Do It” egg platter.

The sweet blue bunny next to it is a Dollar tree find.

A pink cupcake stand is host to  mini chick and rabbit salt and pepper shakers.

Blue and White Easter shelf decor

While not technically part of the counter tops there are two  other areas that I decorate,

These two shelves are at the end of the breakfast bar and host fun blue and white items.

Don’t forget to look high and low when thinking of prime decorating spaces!

HOP Easter sign, island decor

That completes my tour of my Easter kitchen 2023!

Don’t forget to head on over to Terrie’s and see how she styled her kitchen counter tops.

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Until next time….


Easter Kitchen

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  1. Tammy your kitchen is beautiful and so homely! I love how you stunt your hood above your stove it’s just beautiful! I love your shelves , that’s one thing I really miss in my house is having no shelves!
    Great job styling Tammy! It’s all gorgeous.!

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