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cache pot

Hey friends! It Thrift With Us Wednesday. My friends and I recently headed to the thrift store to find something good that we could give a little facelift. I found this thrifted cache pot and knew immediately what I wanted to do with it!

Ballards Design blue and white cache pot

Blue and White Inspiration Cache Pot

This beautiful blue and white cache pot is from Ballards Designs.

Isn’t she pretty?

Only one problem.

On sale, this pot costs $30 plus dollars.

Just a little out of my budget for small items.

But my thrift store find is very similar and I knew I could paint it!

metallic gold paint

Step 1

Tape off the gold handles and legs.

Then give the interior of the pot a coating of gold metallic spray paint.

Marking stripes

Step 2 & 3

Paint the exterior of the pot using a white paint.

Once it has thoroughly dried, using a measuring tape mark off a horizontal stripe.

taping vertical stripes

Steps 4 

Tape off the vertical stripes.

Because my pot flared out at the top it was easier for me to “eye” where the stripes should go rather than trying to do the math for placement.

taping stripes on a cache pot

Step 5

Now that the placement of the stripes is taped off on the pot, fill in the white spaces with tape, then remove the original vertical stripe tape.

This allows you to put paint where the original taped stripes were.

taping a horizontal stripe

Step 6

One last taping step – tape off the bottom line of your horizontal stripes.

painting vertical stripes on a pot

Step 7

Now paint in between the taped off areas on the bottom of the pot.

navy paint

I chose to use Folk Art Galaxy Blue acrylic paint for my stripes.

painting a cache pot


Before the paint has completely dried, gently remove your tape.

If you have any bleeds, simply use a damp brush to remove them.

To see how  this is done you can see my video here.

So much easier to remove them than to try and paint over them!

blue and white cache pot

Step 8

Paint the horizontal stipe.

Since I had lightly marked mine with a pencil I freehanded the stripe.

If you don’t feel comfortable doing this, then wait till the paint is super dry and tape off the stripe before painting.

Thrifted cache pot

Last step – decorate with the thrifted cache pot!

Thrifted blue and white cache pot

I love thrifting items and giving them a whole new life, don’t you?

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Until next time…


Thrifted cache pot

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