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Easter Table Centerpiece

Easter Table

Woo Hoo! It is the First Day of Spring. Finally! Take that you crazy groundhog! Also, Happy Birthday to me! Yup, I am a true spring chick. I love this time of year. For me, my birthday starts it all off. Warmer weather, Easter, flowers blooming, baseball. Hey, it’s almost flip flop weather y’all!

While I love being outside and working in my yard this time of year, I also try and bring some of that color and spring feeling into the house. One way to do that is with a spring/Easter table centerpiece.

Here is what you are gonna need…

Easter Table 7

A little fluff. You know the “filler”. I like to use natural seasonal things and some natural elements.

Easter table 8

Fresh flowers or plants. If you can’t do fresh then use realistic fake ones.

Easter table 9

A container to hold very thing . I like to corral everything so I can easily move it to clean.

I started with a crown – what else? I think that another important thing in your arrangement is varied heights or as Christopher Lowell ( HGTV’s first decor diva) used to say “lifts and levels!”.  The lifts and levels don’t have to be pretty, you’re not going to see them. Today, I used a small dish turned upside down.

Ester Table 10

I placed my cute rabbit on top of my lift. I had already given him a sassy black and white plaid bow and placed greenery and robins eggs in his backpack.

Easter table 11

Next, a live plant and this awesome burlap cabbage flower. I placed them in a triangle. Visually this gives it texture, weight and symmetry. In other words – it looks good!

Easter table 12

Place the “fluff” around the “triangle” that you just created to hide all of the stuff you don’t want to see and talk about texture? This crushes it. Be sure to go all the way around, especially since this is going on the table as a centerpiece. No empty spaces, no ugly spots.

Easter Table 13

If there are any empty spaces or holes add greenery or moss to these spots. Also, add in any extra small seasonal items – like the robin’s eggs I added here – to finish out the centerpiece. I wanted to tie my centerpiece in with the colors of the kitchen so I added a black and white bow to the front of the centerpiece.

Easter Table 2

I am done! Simple and easy.

Easter tAble 4

Here is a shot of the side…

Easter Table 6

And a shot of the back… NO ugly spaces!

If you were paying attention you can see that I have been playing with different place settings to see which one I like the best. Decisions, decisions!

As soon as I make up my mind all I have to do is set the kitchen table and I am ready to rock spring and Easter! I will be sharing part II of my kitchen table soon!

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