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Office Bulletin Board

I have been working on so many things at one time that I haven’t had time to share them with you!

Office chalkboard2

It’s my BIRTHDAY WEEK! Yep, when you are a Queen you get a whole week, not just one day!Woo HOO! The hubs took this week off from work so that we could work in the yard, put in a new patio, chop down some trees…

One small problem. The weather has been yucky. Today was the first day that it hasn’t rained and let me tell you we were outside working our fingers to the bone!

Since it has been rainy- and it is suppose to rain the rest of the week – I have started projects everywhere! I’ll share those with you later, but right now I want to talk to you about my office. Again. Y’all know I have been slowly working in my office. One small step at a time.

Office Chalkboard 1

This is where the magic happens. It is where I sit every day. As you can see I seem to work well with a lot of nick nack paddy crap all around me. I love it, I really do. I NEED  all of it….for reals!

Today I spent some time on my office bulletin board. You would think that I would use it to keep track of customer projects and other work related stuff. I do. Sometimes. However, I find that what I really put up there more often than not, are all of the things that make me happy. I mean, I see it EVERYDAY so why not make it more of an inspiration board?

What do I have tacked to my board? I have pictures of family and friends. Sweet notes from my nieces and nephews, letters and notes from my children.  Inspirational quotes that remind me to not take myself so seriously and get my booty in gear! I do have some work related items like paint color charts and quick reference items.

The one area that I never use though was the chalkboard. Crazy right? When I bought this board my intent was to keep track of projects, their time lines and cross them off when they were done. Well, that lasted about a minute. So instead of leaving it blank, I decided to decorate that space with chalk art!

Office chalkboard

Yep, Here Sits The Queen! A reminder to me of who I am and what I can accomplish when I wear my invisible tiara – or even when I wear my real one! Which I do sometimes never do, not at all.

If you are looking for a picture perfect bulletin board that looks like a magazine cover – this ain’t it! But I LURVE it! Visuals for my soul. Of course, the quote will change from time to time, but what a great way to get me motivated. Speaking of which – gotta go! I have tons of projects to finish.

Until next time….


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