Easter Table – Part 1

We have a few more days before Spring officially is here, but it sure feels like spring today!  Even though the  evil wonderful weatherman is predicting winter weather tomorrow!  I know Easter is a month away but I couldn’t resist getting out the Easter decorations – gotta get this Spring started!  Can’t. Wait!

This year I decided to shake things up a bit.  Seems that some of my Easter decorations have seen better days.  I could have gone with something trendy like a cool lantern or a small glass greenhouse filled with spring knick-knacks, but I decided that I wanted something more traditional.  Something that would tie in with my old stuff.  So this year I am going to mix the old with the new.

Easter tablescape

I saw this adorable bunny at Hob Lob and fell in love!  He became my inspiration.  I started with an old metal basket that I have had for some years, adding moss, foliage and spring flowers.  I then placed my bunny center stage and added a few eggs.  A burlap ribbon added to the end  and my arrangement is complete!

I found new grass green placemats at Ross.  I love the texture.  I then started raiding the kitchen for dishes.  I decided that I wanted to go with a stack of plates to create some visual interest and add color.  I started with a large white dinner plate, followed by a creamy yellow salad plate, ending with a Majolica lettuce patterned plate.  I topped it off with a linen hem stitch napkin with a pale yellow flower napkin ring.  As I was going through my dishes, it occurred to me that I have a lot of really cool stuff that I never use!  Ever!  I decided then and there that I would start using the “good stuff”.  After all, my family and I deserve the good stuff daily, not just for special occasions!

Bunny Tablescape

Here is a look at the back side of the arrangement. Remember, when using an arrangement in a place where all sides can be seen to make sure the back has as much visual interest as the front! In other words – Make it pretty all the way around!  Seems like that would be a no-brainer, right?  You would be surprised at the table scapes I  have seen that aren’t so pretty!  Pet Peeve #179!!!

Easter salt and Pepper

This sweet salt and pepper shaker set  came from Hallmark some years ago.  They are so sweet and tiny, I still love them!  The basket came from Kroger.  I am lucky enough to live near a super store.  That store has everything.  A jewelry store, Starbucks, furniture… it is HUGE!  It usually has a seasonal isle that has a decent selection.  I just add grass and eggs for a cute mini arrangement.

I still have a few more things to add to my Easter table and I promise to show you the entire table soon!

When you decorate do you start from scratch?  Or are you more like me and use the sentimental things year to year? Do you like your table elaborate and elegant? Or less formal and more traditional?  I think that the important thing is that you do what makes you and your family happy!

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