Feature Friday

Hey!  Happy Friday to you!  So glad the weekend is here – ready for some fun.  I know that most of you had your spring break this past week but Saturday is the beginning of my spring break.  It also just happens to be my birthday week. The hubs is on vaca this week – Woo Hoo!  We have a lot of plans to get loads of things done here at the castle, along with a few fun things too.  But before the week long festivities begin it time for Feature Friday!

This Feature Friday is a continuation of a feature I posted a couple of weeks ago – the Turquoise Hutch.  My friend Kris brought by a mirror for me to match up to the hutch.  It was so darn cute to start with that it was hard to paint it!  Well, not really!  But it was CUTE! It just needed some color!

Turq Mirror

Here it is in progress – you can kind of see the before color.  A little red, turquoise, and aqua paint. Clear and dark wax.. and you have the finished piece!

turq mirror 2I think it turned out pretty good.  Have a wonderful weekend!

Until next time!



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