Easy Christmas Wrapping


Snowman and Plaid Christmas bag

Happy Fri-yayyy! I’ve got a question for you. Have you ever needed a quick easy way to wrap a small gift? Yes? Well, I’ve got one of the best easy Christmas wrapping ideas for you!

I plan on sharing  more in depth, true wrapping ideas  with you soon, however I thought that these easy, quick, economical and super cute bags needed their own time in the spotlight.

Christmas wrapping supplies


All you need is a few simple items.

Christmas sacks the size of a lunch bag.

I got mine here.



Embellishments: jingle bells, snowflakes, Santas etc.

Gift tags – mine came from Costco.

Christmas lunch bag

Step 1

Place your gift in the bag.

Press the top edges together and fold over about 2  or 3 inches.

Punching holes in sack

Step 2

Find the approximate center of the bag.

Punch holes slightly to the left and the right of center.

Adding Ribbon to a Christmas sack

Step 3

Starting on the front right hole, thread a 12″ piece of raffia through the hole.

Loop the raffia through the left hand hole from the back.

This will leave both of the rafia “tails” hanging in the front.

Step 4

Thread any embellishment and gift tag onto the right raffia tail.

Tie the raffia once.

Making a rafia bow

Step 5

Take some raffia and loop it back and forth several times to get a full bow.

Place the raffia “bow” on top of the raffia tied to the bag.

Tie it on like a bow using the raffia tails that are on the bag.

This is the result.

Pretty cute, right?

I’ve also made a few using these fun plaid sacks!

Honestly, it doesn’t get any easier than this!

Snowman and Plaid Christmas bag

Super fast, easy, economical AND they are so cute!

What more could you want for easy Christmas wrapping?

Snowman and Plaid Christmas bag

Thanks for stopping by and stay tuned for more wrapping ideas coming up!

Until next time….


Easy Christmas wrapping

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