The Queens Christmas Craft


Happy Monday y’all! This past Friday was one of the days of the year that I look most forward to. The Queen’s Christmas Party. Every year eight of us get together, eat, laugh, make a craft and add in new precious memories. This year the Queens Christmas craft was a fun wooden star that lights up!

Star supplies


Wooden Cut Outs – ( My son cut mine out for me, however any cut out can be used for the back and the front)


Paint brushes


Mod Podge

Jenga Blocks

Fairy lights

Hot Glue and Hot glue gun

I had several different colors of paint and glitter on hand and let each Queen choose the colors of her star.

Step 1

Paint the solid star.

I only painted the front side, however I think it would look so much better if both sides were painted.

Let dryl.

adding glitter to the star

Step 2

While the back  of the star is drying, paint a nice coat of Mod Podge onto the cut out star.

Once this is done, sprinkle glitter onto the Mod Podge painted area.

Gently shake the excess off.


Let dry.

woman painting a star

Step 3

Now that the back star is dry, paint a thin coat of clear glitter paint onto the star.

If you don’t want to use the glitter paint, then you can use a clear sealer for this step.

star with fairy lights wrapped on it

Step 4

Once both the glitter star and the back star are completely dry it is time  to put them together.

I didn’t get a picture of this step, but you simply take one of the jenga blocks and glue it to the front and back of the star.

This creates a space between the stars for you to wrap your Fairy lights.

adding fairy lights to a star

Once they glue has dried attaching the stars to each other, it’s time to add the fairy light stand.

Starting with the end with out the battery pack start wrapping your lights around the jenga piece in the middle.

Keep wrapping until you have about  4 -6 inches of strand left including the battery pack.

( I took apart one of my stars so that you can see how it looks wrapped and how much of a tail to leave)

glue fairy lights battery pack to the star

Step 5

Take the battery pack and run it through the bottom of the star to the back side.

Glue the battery pack to the back of the star.

Tip: Be sure to glue the side of the battery pack that doesn’t have the door to the actual battery to the star.  You want to be able to replace the battery!

lighted star

Now, simply find a fun spot and let your little star light shine!

Here are what a few of the Queen’s stars turned out like:

Sally's Star

Sally’s Star

Janice’s Star

Roxannes star

Roxanne’s Star

As always the eight of us had so much fun together!

I can’t wait to get together again soon!

Until next time…


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