Easy Easter Vignette

easter vignette

Happy Wednesday! Today is Decorate With Us and my friends Terrie at Decorate With Tip and More, Corine from Curly Willow Acres aka Junk To Gems, Niki from Life As A LEO Wife and I are all recreating a Pinterest PIn. I’ve got a super easy Easter vignette that almost anyone can do!

Live Oak nest vignette

Live Oak Nest

Terrie found the cutest Easter vignette from Live Oak Nest and thought that it would be fun for us to recreate.

So I started looking around in my home to see if I could find things to use to recreate this pin while putting my own personality on it!

wooden tray on island

I started with the base and worked my way up.

The pin had a wooden tray as the base, however I didn’t have one like that.

So I grabbed this white tray.

floral arrangement in vase

The Pin had a blue and white vase with Spring flowers.

Both of those were right in my wheel house!

antique books

Next, I added some vintage books.

There were  blue and gray books in the pin, however I felt like these brown ones fit my decor better.

vase, books and rabbits

I was just going to use some bunnies that I had, however when I was at Hobby Lobby yesterday I found these navy and white bunnies and knew that they would match my kitchen perfectly!

easy easter vignette

One last thing that the pin did not have but I felt my vignette needed was something to fill in a hole between my bunnies.

I added this small white candle.

It looks good, fills the hole and smells wonderful!

easter vignette

Is my easy Easter vignette exactly like the pin?


The pin gave me great inspiration, but I feel like the small changes I made better fit my home.

And isn’t that what pins are suppose to do?

Inspire us to create!

Terrie's pinterest challenge pin

Decorate And More With Tip

Please join me in visiting my friends to see how they recreated the Pinterest Challenge pin!

Easy Easter Spring Vignette

Life As A LEO Wife

Curly Willow Acres

Until next time…


Easy Easter Vignette

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