Easy Fall Banner

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Fall Banner

When I recently decorated my fall mantle, I felt like it needed a little more color, texture, and weight on the bottom.  After thinking over my options, I decided that making an easy fall banner was just what my mantle needed!

Banner Supplies






Paint Pens

Tracing paper


Fabric pins

Sewing machine or fabric glue




Banner pattern

Make a Pattern

The first thing I did was make a pattern for my banner.

I took a piece of card stock and cut out a  6.5 x 4 inch rectangle .

Then I marked the center of the rectangle – 2 inches.

Using a ruler, mark a line from the outside lower corner to the center measuring 2.5 inches.

Do the same on the opposite side.

Cut out.

You now have your banner template.

Using the template cut out 10 pieces of material.

I used a material that when cut would not fray so that I would not have to hem the sides and ends.

Tracing letters onto fabric

Transfer Letters

Once you have your banner cut out, it’s time to put the letters on them.

On my computer I found a font that I liked. printed it out, then cut around each letter.

To transfer the lettering to my banner I used tracing paper and a stylus.

Center the letter, place tracing paper beneath it and trace.

Super easy!

Painting letters with a paint pen

Paint Lettering

Once you have your letters transferred to your banner pieces, it’s time to paint them.

I used acrylic paint pens to color in the letters and to give them so shading.

Putting a banner together

Assemble the Banner

Now that my lettering is finished, it was time to assemble the banner.

Cut a piece of twine the length of your mantle blue a couple of feet to allow for the dip in the banner when hung.

I took each piece of the banner and 1/2 inch down from the top laid my twine.

Then fold the banner piece toward you, making 1/2 inch fold.

Your twine should be at the top, snug up against the fold.

Pin the fold in place.

Repeat this step. using each banner piece in the correct order that spells out your message.

Sewing a banner

Sew The Banner

Starting at one end of the banner sew each piece until all pieces are sewn.

Make sure that the twine stays snug in the fold and that you don’t sew too close to the twine.

In this step, you are essentially making a pocket for the twine to glide through.

Fall Banner

Decorate With Your Banner

Now that your banner is finished, hang that sweet thing up!

This easy fall banner was just what my mantle needed.

Hopefully if you find that your mantle or hutch needs a little something extra you will consider making a fun banner!

Until next time…

Easy Fall Banner

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Tammy from Patina and Paint

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