Fall Dining Room 2.0


fall placesetting

Hey Friends! Today I’m sharing my Fall dining room table 2.0. Why 2.0?

A few weeks ago I shared a video of  my breakfast room table decor with you.

Every Wednesday my friends Terrie,  Corine and I all share a video series about decorating, organizing, or crafting. This week, as part of a Fall decorating series we are all sharing our Fall dining room tables.

Only one problem. I don’t have a formal dining room.

But I wasn’t about to be left out.

FOMO is real my friends!

So I’m sharing a video of  my breakfast room table.  Again.  2.0!

You can see it here.

fall dining room table


I thought that I would share with you where I purchased all of the things!

I didn’t use a table cloth, instead I used a warm fuzzy plaid blanket scarf.

pumpkin tureen


I’m using this soup tureen as my centerpiece.

This was a Pokeno win many years ago.

I just wrapped a berry garland around it and I love it!

However, if I decide to put flowers or greenery in it, it’s simply a matter of removing the lid and adding fresh flowers or a plant!

fall placesetting


Fall Place Setting

My place setting is fun, simple and elegant all at the same time.

I started with a round gold straw placemat.

Followed by a metallic orange charger.

I do love a little bling!

White hob nail plates – which I always use. I know… I’m trying to use different dishes, but these go with everything!

My beautiful salad plates were a gift from Rita over at Panopoly a few years ago and they are possibly my most favorite fall ones ever!

fall napkin

Napkin and Napkin Ring

My embroidered fall leaves napkin and glass beaded napkin rings were purchased many years ago from Southern Living at home.

I don’t use either often, but I love them both so much I can’t get rid of them!

Fall glass


My glasses are some LARGE wine glasses that I added orange glitter to a few years ago.

They are so big that they are perfect for one huge glass of wine, iced tea or water!

Pumpkin tureen , mini charcuterie board

Fun Table Whimsy

I used these tiny charcuterie boards on my first fall table and couldn’t resist using them again.

They are so cute !

I plan on putting some grapes, cheese and tiny crackers on each one!

Cindy from County Road 407 said she plans on putting mini loaves of homemade bread on hers.

Yes, Please!

pumpkin placard

Place Card Holder and Card

And the last thing I added to the table to was these cute place card holders.

I love adding a bit of whimsy to the table and placecards are the perfect way to do this.

These were a super easy craft I made this fall.

You can see how they were made here.

That’s it for my Fall dining room table 2.0!

Don’t forget to go to Terrie’s and Corine’s to see what their tables look like!

Corine fall table

                                                                              Junk To Gems

Terrie Fall Table

                                                            Decorate and More With Tip

Until next time…

Fall Dining room 2

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  1. Tammy both of your tables are so pretty and festive. I love all your work getting them set for us. The name tag holders are probably my favorite. A great option is using the unexpected, using the scarf is a great piece to use, I have used a scarf myself. No one would of ever known! Great job on both of them!

    1. Thanks Terrie! It has been so fun decorating the tables for fall this year. I can’t wait to do more this fall as all the holidays are coming!

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