Easy Way To Style Built Ins

Blue and White decorated built ins

Happy Friday to you! I am happy to say that I am one step closer to finishing my family room decor. Today I am sharing an easy way to style built ins. I have a tried and true formula that if you follow it, you will have beautiful shelves every time!

My friend Terrie from Decorate and More With Tip is sharing how she decorates her built ins as well.

OH! And as a bonus we are both showing off some new pillows for our Family Room!

So let’s get started….

decorated shelf

Easy Formula

I don’t always choose to decorate my shelves this way, but it sure saves me time and makes putting everything back together so much easier.

Using the rule of 3 – which basically says that you decorate an area using three things – I place my largest item in the middle of my shelf.

In this case, I used a tall print.

Then on either side of it I place two other items.


Now I know that you are thinking that there are WAY more than 3 items here and you would be correct!

However, when I place a lamp and a candle on top of a few stacked books it all becomes one item!

Same with the vases and greenery in the basket.

Visually it turns into one item.


As you can see on each of these shelves,  I’ve used the rule of three and they all look good!

For the first time since I started decorating these shelves I am super happy with how they turned out!

Pillows for the sofa


Now let’s talk pillows.

I almost always use pillow inserts and pillow covers instead of a regular pillow.

Pillow covers are so easy to change out and to store.

Here I’ve used a large 22″ pillow insert and placed it into a navy velvet 20″ pillow cover.

TIP:  For full luxe pillows always use a larger pillow insert that is a couple of inches larger than the pillow cover.

sofa with pillows

On top of the navy pillow, I placed these  20″ chinoiserie pillows.

I love the warm greens, browns and different blues!

They make the perfect winter pillows.

Blue chair with pillow

Monogram Pillow

I shared this beautiful velvet, pom pillow with the perfect monogram on it earlier this month.

My sweet niece gifted it to me for Christmas and I LOVE it!

It’s the perfect color and style for this cozy corner of my room.

Blue and white everyday fireplace mantle

Having my shelving done and all of the pretty pillows put back in really makes this room feel finished.

And having an easy way to style built ins certainly makes me one step closer to being finished!

Want to see in detail how I styled the shelves?

Just go here!

Also, be sure and head on over to Terrie’s and see how she decorated her built ins and what pillows she used.

Terrie's living room

Decorate And More With Tip

I’m sure it’s going to be beautiful!

Until next time……


Easy Way To Style Built Ins

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    1. The prints with the pink and blue were from Hobby Lobby last year. Sorry. I’ll google and see if they are available anywhere else. If I find them I will give you a shout!

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