TV Console Facelift

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Tv Console cubby

Hey y’all. Today is the last day before we share what our living rooms look like all put back together after Christmas. I’m sharing a part of my home that you rarely see, mainly because it’s got issues. Much like it’s owner…. ha! Today I’m sharing a TV console facelift.

Problem #1

Remember back when you had a TV and you needed a DVR, a cable box, a tuner etc.? Well, that’s what this cubby was all about.

This TV console used to be a dresser that we took out two drawers and created a cubby just for all of the “boxes” you needed to watch TV.

Plus we had to drill holes in the back wall for all of the cables.

Great then, not so much now!

antique gold handles

Problem #2

The second issue I had with the piece was how dark everything was, including the handles which were a oil rubbed bronze.

Now I could replace the entire back wall of the piece and paint the entire console, however it’s large for my space and plan on replacing it sometime in the future.

For now I decided to fix it’s issues.

As you can see in the photo, to fix the dark handle issue I simple dry brushed them with gold.

And boy it made a HUGE difference!

Wooden insert

Cubby Solution

Instead of replacing the entire back piece of the console The Hubs cut out a piece the size of the back of the cubby.

Then stained it to match the piece.

( For some reason it looks different with the camera, but in person it’s perfect)

Once the stain was dry we simply slid it into the back of the cubby and…. TA DAAAAAA!

Problem solved!

Home decor


With all of it’s issues solved, it was time to decorate.

I’ve had most of this for some time however I will link what I can for you.

Using the rule of 3 just like I did on my shelving, I add a tall basket weave lantern and hung a strand of wooden beads from it.

Next to that I added in a boxwood greenery piece placed into a white crock.

In front of those I placed a canister ( which is part of a three piece set).

Then tucked in pieces of greenery that I took from this Eucalyptus vine.

TV Console decor

Next, it was time to decorate the top of the console.

I started with a vintage book to give this tiny vignette a little height.

On top of that I placed a Scentsy crown burner.

Then because I collect magnifying glasses I laid one across the front of the book for a little fun!

tv decor

On the other side of the TV I added in another canister from the set, as well as some more of the eucalyptus greenery.

Then to the side of that I added a tiny resin bird.

TV Console Facelift

The botanical prints that surround the tv can be found here.

And the frames here.

I love how the fixed “issues” turned out and can’t believe it took me so long to do such an easy fix.

TV Console Facelift

Be sure and head on over to my friend Terrie’s to see how she decorated her TV area!

Terrie's TV

Decorate And More With Tip

And be sure to come back on Monday when we will be giving you a tour of the finished every day living room!

Until next time….


TV Console Facelift

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