Entry Hall Update

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entry collage


Okay… if you are paying attention to the pics above your probably thinking “What?  That is not her entry!”.  You  would be right.  I will get to that in a minute, but before that I just want to say that I was wrong. Yup.  I. WAS. WRONG!  This past week I posted about my master bedroom dresser update.  If you read that then you already know how I put a zillion nail holes in my wall trying out new art work for above my dresser.  I finally decided that the entry hall art that I had updated would be better in my bedroom.  I was happy.  At least I thought I was, until one hour after posting I was in Ross and found this:


Master dresser update


I was in love and knew that the entry hall piece that I thought I could live with?  I couldn’t!  I scooped this piece up and had it hanging in my bedroom in under an hour. For reals!  I don’t just love it…. I Lurve it!!!


Master dresser update


The perfect colors! (although it looks a little yellow here, it really is a perfect match for the curtains in real life!)  The perfect size: BIG!  It makes my heart sing it is so perfect!  Every time I walk into the room I want to shout TA DA!!!! Spot light please! There was nothing really wrong with the entry hall art in here, I was just ready for some color.

Now I know you are wondering when I am going to show you my entry hall update, so here it is…


entry hall


So here is just a quick reminder of what it used to look like.  Kinda boring, plain, outdated color, no rug…. I could go on and on.   After taking down the art and almost playing slip and slide on a wet tile floor last week, I decided a few things had to change!


Umbrella stand


One… I needed a new umbrella stand!  I found this one and loved the design but it was way too dark in the entry.  Gold metallic spray paint to the rescue!


entry hall rug


Two… I needed an new rug!  No more slip and slid for the Queen!  I have given up on rugs for the most part due to the fact that I have a psycho cat that LOVES to destroy any rug that isn’t in my living area. But enough was enough. Safety first, right? I found this rug when I found the bedroom art work.  I wish it were a little larger but it fits the bill!  I usually like to find an entry rug that has all of the colors of my downstairs rooms in it. I feel like it just ties things together. This time that proved to be a bigger challenge than I had anticipated.  The entry is right off of the dining room, which is navy and off white, so this works. Plus, my entry table and mirror are navy.


entry update 1


This is my updated entry hall. Umbrella stand, check. Painted gold, check. New rug, check.  Artwork hung, check.  Much more functional.  I still admit that I am looking for artwork to hang in here that makes my heart sing just like the one in my bedroom does.  But until then I am more than content with this one!

Until next time…..


Tammy from Patina and Paint

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