Master Dresser Update

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Master dresser  9


I’ve had my bedroom suit a long time.  When we moved into our house I bought a new set.  I was so excited until I realized that it wouldn’t fit down our short hall into the bedroom. So back it went.  I just haven’t found one that I love.  And I really want to LOVE it , ya know? So I decided it was time for my master dresser update.


Master dresser


Here is what I started with.  Awhile back I almost got rid of the pulls because they were gold. Ha! Glad that got put on the back burner since gold is back in!  I would paint it, but still haven’t talked the Hubs into painting it. You know – good wood, good finish, blah, blah, blah… I get it.  The mirror was VERY dated and was it was time to go!


master dresser 1


I just want to say that most of the art that I have been looking at just hasn’t moved me. I have literally spent hours looking! I went shopping and found these. (AFTER I had already tried these really cool bird prints that so did not work. At. ALL.  Sorry no picture.) After I hung these up, I was totally underwhelmed.  They just didn’t show up. It was seriously blah.  I wanted a little more glam. Frustrated much? OH yeah.


entry hall


I figured that I would just keep searching for the right art and move on to my next venture – which was the entry hall. I had this piece of art up for awhile, I liked the art but not the color of the matt.  I couldn’t decide what color to paint it so that the art would show up and still match the new colors I was putting into the house.  So I went white.  And I loved it.   But not in the entry – too stark.   Then it hit me …what about the bedroom?


master dresser 6


Woo Hoo!  We have a winner!   Simple, but it fits the space perfectly.  I am still on the hunt for something with more color in the same scale, but until then I am perfectly content with this one.


master dresser 4


I found this demi john and was so excited. I really, really, really LOVE colored glass! So this was perfect.  I can’t believe I bought sticks to go in it. Hey, don’t judge!  It’s still hot here in Texas even if it is October. No bare branches for me to find.


master dresser 5


I had an awwww…moment when I was looking at my photos to decided what I wanted to put out.  The small gold frame is a picture of the Hubs and I kissing on our wedding day.  The large black frame was taken almost 30 years later at a family photo shoot.   Almost the same pose.  Really wasn’t that hard to decide which ones to use!  I found this small crown at Hob Lob – ya’ll know I had to have one in here – AND it is glass. Seeing a theme here?


master dresser 3


Once again, here is the finished vignette.  A little more updated.  Simple, but perfect!  Thanks for following along on my dresser update, it is  always so fun to share!

Until next time….


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