Every Queen Needs a Crown….

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I am here to let you know that it is soooo true.  Every Queen needs a crown… or two… or three!  I have been looking for a large statement piece to put on my dining room table.  I didn’t want just candles, or just flowers, I wanted something different.  A little Quirky.  A little fun.  And really big,  I wanted BIG!  I have been looking for awhile.  Finally, I found the PERFECT thing!  A CROWN!  Unbelievable, right?

I was shopping with my bestie, Rox, at a one of my favorite stores – Gracie Lane.  It has a ton of vendors who lease booths to sell their wares.  We had gone through once and had returned to pick up a totally different piece from this booth when I looked down on the floor and there was this humongous crown.  I am talking HUGE peeps!  I can’t believe we didn’t see it – or at least trip over it, the first time we hit the booth.  It was love at first sight.


Crown Centerpiece Begining


The price tag however, wasn’t.   This is where my bestie went to work convincing  me that I so totally needed it AND I did have a gift certificate to help with the price tag!  What are friends for?  Don’t worry, I am sure I will return the favor some day! Ha! Well, needless to say I left there with both arms hands full of this wonderful crown with a much lighter wallet.  But hey!  Sometimes a statement piece is just worth it!

My Bestie suggested that I decorate it with all natural items: rocks, moss, candles, geodes… OK she had me cracking up there.  Not that I don’t love geodes… I just don’t happen to have a ton of them lying around.  And due to the hefty price tag, I would definitely have to have things on hand to fill this crown up.  At least for now!


crown cernterpiece nest


I did take to heart her advice about all things natural.  I started with some foliage and a grapevine wreath.


crown certerpiece crown


I wanted to add some candles – all of mine were the same height, so I added another crown candle holder as a lift. Then added two more candles.  I had two of the cutest metal birds ever, which I placed inside of the grapevine wreath, making it look like a birds nest.


Crown centerpiece 1


It still looked a bit empty.  So it was out to my water feature where I stole some river rock!  I sprinkled some around the perimeter of my foliage.


Crown Centerpiece finish


Here is my finished dining room table centerpiece!  Not too bad for using only found items in my home!  I may eventually change it up ( maybe even add some geodes!), but for now I like the texture and natural look of it.  Kind of like bringing the outdoors in!

How about you?  Do you ever just go shopping in your home for found items to decorate with? I do often.  I can’t decide whether that means I have too much stuff, or whether hanging on to the stuff makes me thrifty!  One of life’s many issues to ponder!

Until next time…..

Tammy from Patina and Paint

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